Classic Running Blogger

Today I did the most running-blogger-iest thing that a running-blogger could do.

I geeked out.  With a famous runner.

A famous runner is someone who would not make 99.89% of the population turn their head, because to 99.89% of the population, they are a nobody.

Knowing of "famous" runners is new to me.  Two years ago, a time during which I had been running for for a solid 14 years, the only runners that I could name were Michael Johnson and Jackie Joyner Kersey.  Maybe I knew that Jared Leto played some skinny guy with a 'stache in a movie called Pre.  At some point, Marion Jones was on my radar.  That's about it.

Now, thanks in part to my love of Runner's World magazine, and thanks to this blog connecting me to a bunch of you running nerds, I've got some new names in my vocab.  I know the women and the alternate from USA that are running the marathon at the London Olympics.  I know the names of the fastest women in the bay area (and would spaz out a little if I ever saw Oakland's own Olympian, Magdalena Lewy-Boulet, running around my hood).

So having rambled about nothing important thus far in this post, I bring us to this: when Alyssa mentioned that Scott Jurek was making a book tour pit-stop in San Francisco that included a group fun run, I felt like how a baseball fanatic might feel if they learned they could play catch with Tim Lincecum.  For free.  (With 100 other fanatics).   I felt like saying DUH, YES!

Things to note:
  • Scott Jurek is tall.  Very tall.  Skinny little legs.  All around, he looked like he came right out of a 1980's college cross country team. 
  • One token guy in the group who showed up to run, ran in sandals.  I think some people might think Scott Jurek is Caballo Blanco.
  • I didn't buy a copy of his book, because long story short I didn't have my wallet.  I'd like to hear about it, if anyone has read it or heard a review, let me know!
  • The Gentleman came with me, which was awfully fun.  

Well I also did one very non-running-blogger-y thing.  I didn't take any pictures.  I didn't have a camera with me.  Neither did the Gentleman.  So that's that, but he looked like Scott Jurek, and I looked like me.  Here's an idea of what our picture together would look like.

So that was fun and I'm glad I sucked it up and drove into the piss-pot covered in fog that is San Francisco.  We ran something like 4-5 miles.  Scott Jurek is slow as shit.  Ok ok, running in a group of 100 people makes for a slower run, and maybe he's not a big old slowpoke.   I didn't mind a bit, just soaked in the good company and the most beautiful time of day in San Francisco (that would be 7:30 p.m.).

I hit the track yesterday morning and decided that I like track workouts, but I only like them when they aren't too hard because I guess I don't like to push it too much in my world of running and that's just the way it is.  So I did 11x400m (I think this is my favorite track workout...probably because it's easier) with a half-lap recovery in between each.  I ran a few degrees below HARD, which definitely helped me finish the workout without walking during the recoveries or taking any water breaks etc.  Splits were as follows:

82; 84; 84; 84; 85; 84; 86; 86; 82; 82; 84

One day I'll feel like more of a rockstar and run them all under 82 seconds.  Not today.

Alright runners, that's all for me.

P.S. The Gentleman noticed that blogs often have questions at the end, and in the spirit of being a classic running blogger, he suggested I ask the following question:  Prefontaine, or Postfontaine?