I recommend

Advice from a blogger girl behind a computer screen is something none of us need.  So let's not label any of this advice: consider this me sharing my amateur observations of late that you may find useful or interesting.

I recommend...

Kristen Lawrence's blog.

GET THIS.  She is a BAMF runner.  You need proof?  She already has a 2:52 marathon under her belt, and after obliterating some injury issues, is back to racing and aiming to shave off a few minutes until she has a 2:42 marathon in time to qualify for the 2016 Olympic marathon trials.

Not only is she an incredibly talented runner, but she is as humble as they come and doesn't like talking about herself or posting pictures of herself racing, which we all have to convince her to change because reading about her training and running makes for a very good time.  Sorry to make you squirm, Kris ;)

Finally, for some completely unknown reason, she likes reading and engaging in the blogs of non-Olympian runners (like mine).  Oh, and she balances this with three children.  I'm not sure if that's her only job or not.  And she's hot.  I'm going to steal her life, shhhh.

I do not recommend....

the Skinny Confidential.

It would be straight up bitchy of me to say "don't read this other blog out there" so let me try and rephrase: if you are a healthy strong runner, and if your brain works to some degree the way my brain works, blogs like this (and there must be hundreds of 'em) make me sad.

I found the blog because it was featured on Sarah's blog, and I gave it a try.  It reads like something I would have enjoyed back in college, living in Los Angeles, seeing how all the thin blonde girls live.

Now that I'm a grown-up, blogs with dieting tips from a (too) thin, young, model-esque girl makes me fear for the young girls on the internet.  There will always be blatant thinspiration/eating disorder support blogs out there....but this is a brand of subtle eating disorder support shielded under the guise of just being fun "tips" for how to make lunch for only 200 calories!

In the world this blogger comes from, with skinny girls left and right, these probably don't strike the author as unhealthy or unusual.  They are just the facts of how to maintain a 5-inch circumference upper arm.  But in the real world, this has gotta ultimately lead to self-hate for readers who don't look or eat the way that the Skinny girl does (and the vast majority of women naturally should not look this way).  Anyway.  Despite my non-endorsement of the blog, I'm sure it will get a good number of clicks from my discussion and some of you may even stay to read (if only for the entertainment value).  So I've served no purpose here, except maybe to get a conversation going.  Go.

I recommend....

Root Beer See's lollipops.


I heard recently that people in some European country (Britain maybe?) dislike the taste of root beer flavor because that is what they flavor their medicine.

Luckily for me, everything tastes more delicious with a Root Beer drink on the side (even Mexican food, as proven this weekend during a belated father's day outing).  I also love See's lollipops, as I've probably mentioned too many times.  This isn't a contender with the Butterscotch lollipop, but it always makes me happy to find one in my desk around 2 or 3:00 p.m. on a workday.  Type type type, suck suck suck. (TWSS?)

I do not recommend....

Root Beer gum.

I had high hopes.  Non-mint gums never, ever, ever, EVER work out for me.  But I never learn.  So I tried it, and it was not tasty. The only way to save this gum is to erase the root beer flavor and replace it with spearmint or peppermint, and then we're all good.

I recommend....

Grabbing a handful of Trader Joe's dried/sweetened strawberries before a run.

It's been a while since I had dates on hand to bring with me during a long run or a race, but they worked so well that I assume other dried and sugar-heavy fruits will work well too.  I haven't had the chance yet to try these during a run, but they worked perfectly before a run and are REALLY YUMMY.  Working on my food writing vocabulary.

I do not recommend...

eating a Cliff Z-bar 6 minutes before running.  It is so small, I thought my stomach could handle it.  Turns out this is not at all the same as eating a quick shot of sugar or half a banana, which I can do while running without any problems.  My body attended to digesting that thing and made for an uncomfortable first 5 miles of a 15 mile run on Sunday.


I recommend...

Kiehl's Super Fluid liquid sunscreen.

I have never had a drip-into-eye attack while wearing this on my face, not even on the sweatiest of days.  It also goes a long way--I've had it since Christmas 2011, and worn it regularly (only on the face, I save the yuckier sunscreens for my body) at least 2x a week since.

My boss also recommended a kind of sunscreen called something frog....or maybe toad....that is from Australia and very hard to find in the U.S., but apparently a superior sunscreen.  Anyone heard of this?

I do not recommend...

Running between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m., which is exactly when I do almost all my weekend runs.  Despite my best sunscreen efforts, I have a mad block tan on my legs.

You can see the beginnings of my saucy white upper thigh

I recommend...

Fiona Apple's new album.

Setting aside the fact that she looks like the crypt keeper nowadays (watch the video for proof...), Fiona Apple is probably the coolest chic in the U.S.  Especially if you measure "cool" by how talented one is at song-writing/piano-playing/sing-growling.

I do not recommend...

Purchasing Adele's album.

Just turn any radio station on for 24/7 Adele songs.  No reason to shell out the bucks.