Just Because I Can

Hey party people. 

To my surprise, XLMIC tapped me on the shoulder today (through the interwebs) to tell me the Oiselle contest winners had been announced.  I had no eggs in that basket, but sauntered off anyway to read Oiselle's twitter announcements of the winner.  I thought XLMIC did such a great job on her/our entry that Oiselle's "judges" would agree and her entry might have a chance.

fyi, lest you think that our entry deserves less credit due to my admission that I spent little time helping with it, the contest was posed as "enter this contest, and then bring your best running friend!"  XLMIC slaved away on her entry for 32 days straight, sleeping only 2.3 hours per night so she could edit it, all in the name of earning the chance to be a groupie for the baddest running athletes of the year.*

*Exaggeration for effect.

Winners, announced at noon on Oiselle's twitter page: two cool ladies blogging as Sweat Once a Day and Once Upon a Lime (aka Sweat Once Upon a Lime?).  I'm a happy reader of the latter, I don't know much about the former.

But what did mine eyes see next?

Oiselle's playful tweet, a few minutes before making the announcement:
   LOL. We're almost on that level just thinking about our BIG announcement!

Still don't know how twitter works, nor what that means, but here's what I read: "hehehehe friends friends friends, I'm going cray-cray with anticipation to announce that you my friends get to win my contest, friends!"

In other words, the judge is friends with one of the parties on trial.  Who can blame the judge for favoring their friends?

Oiselle will probably maintain until the cows come home that they picked the winners of the best video, and nothing more. Oh, but Oiselle, my not-friend, how do you strip away a bias while watching videos, when one video has persons in it that you tweet with and blog with and photograph yourself with?  

Oh my goodness, the love fest on twitter just goes on and on (both well before the winner announcement was made, and after).  Compliment orgies.  I mean what is this?  Really what is this!?  What the heck is twitter for?  Giggling praise, I love @you :) :) :) no I love@YOU!

I'm totally kidding (I'm not kidding) totally this is all in good fun.  I'm sure this wasn't an instance of flushing ethics down the drain and hosting a faux contest to get your name on a number of blogs (ahem, including mine) for exposure.  Because seriously, I know what this is all about.  This.  Is about.

Nose discrimination.

Team me and XLMIC:

We've got noses.  Strong ones.  Oiselle may make good running shorts, but they discriminate against larger noses!  You heard it here first!

Hummmmm.  I know what's coming.  The "what does it matter to you what other people do, RR? Keep your hefty nose out of other people's business, if they like each other so much then power to them!  What's wrong with compliments!" or, of course, "you're just jealous," followed by "why so negative."  Interspersed between those of you who let me be the bitch (thank you:) ).

But this is MY platform, and I'm saying what I'm thinking.  This is a good opportunity to embrace my role as the internet running bitch, and say something true because I don't know who else is going to say it.  I smell shit.  And it stinks.

I don't think badly of the winning bloggers (I don't, I really do not).  I am making fun of this whole scenario that I had a bystander view of through joining XLMIC in her application.  Maybe I'm crazy and negative to have this perspective.  But I cannot help myself in questioning the hilarious scene I am viewing on twitter...especially when I was warned from various sources days ago that it was highly likely these two would be the winner.  Video entries aside.

These poor companies that feast off the running blog community...they have yet to realize that the harder they try, the greater the divide.  We have all seen some degree of Nuun backlash, and now....I never would have questioned Oiselle and their products.  Do I question the brand now? Just a bad taste in my mouth.  But, I've been wrong all over the internet before.

You are banished, Oiselle shorts! Just kidding.  I can't quit you.