Loose Ends

There is not much left that can be said in revisiting Monday's post, given the large amount of contributions and varying opinions, all of which I really appreciated and which made for a highly entertaining day for me.  However, as this is my territory, I'll take a stab at the last word with these final thoughts, in summary, before it lays to rest.

First: of the many thoughts voiced, a lot were in line with ChaCha's, who stole my thunder by being smarter and more eloquent than I about the whole situation. Go see what she had to say if you haven't already.

Second: a lot of people hate the term "runboner".  The comments were hijacked by this conversation, which I have no problem with at all--that comment box is a free for all.  The strong sentiment that developed amused me when I pondered whether runboner will be one of those search terms that brings a lot of unsuspecting internet browsers to a running blog, looking for pictures of men who wear soft fabrics while running, aroused.  

Third:  I noticed that the discussion thread almost became a forum of thoughts that were directing a strong message to Oiselle, in case they were checking in.  If you're wondering whether Oiselle eavesdropped, or cares at all about the reaction that happened here to their contest....I have no firm answer.  I did receive a "thanks for the video entry!" email from Oiselle yesterday, within which it was made clear that the email author had recently been to my website in order to find my email address.  But, no mention of the post, so...I have no idea if they heard your message.

Finally, since again this is my platform, my blog, I think it's worth taking a moment to make one thing clear and evoke a sentiment that I hope came across last time, which is that I really like Sarah OUaL, have nothing ill at all to speak of Emily, and I don't care at all what words are in their written blog vocabulary.  I'm guessing "runboner" was intended to be a funny way to summon the image of how much spastic love one has for the sport, which is hard to convey in writing.  It may not be the most graceful term, but whatever.  Sarah and I had a good adult mature talk, so it turns out we can both be graceful.  All is good.


Flashback to the funnest-yet-maybe-most-tragic half-marathon I have run yet.  Here is a saucy photo of me and my favorite bike lead Mary, followed by Ray.  Ray is the man who got to run many miles of the dang thing with me, fake win the whole thing, and then get none of the awesome schwag I do because he is a man.  (Men don't count towards the final results, sucka).  Poor Ray.  This is around mile 5.  Good enough lead on girl number two that I think she is barely in sight here...

Also, how surreal was this: Mary was capturing pictures of me during the race with her smart phone, and using the phone for a number of other things....such as friending me on Facebook, during mile 7.  It was unlike any other race experience, I'm telling you.  I had loaded up my ipod with music, remembering the loooong stretches of loneliness and boredom on this course from last year, but Mary and I chattered enough that I completely forgot the ipod was there.

And so here is a picture that Mary took of me, and sent to me on facebook...while I was racing.

That's all.  I just watched Inception at home so I'm trying to decide if I am awake or dreaming...which is making for a bad state in which to write a blog.