This is a terrible blog

I spent a little time--for the first time since beginning this blog in early 2011--tending to the page tabs on the blog.  I added a new tab that is basically a "popular posts" compilation, fixed the "races and PR's" tab, and got rid of the absolutely useless FAQ tab.

Creating the new page meant that I had to dig through the archives.  Really go month by month, looking for posts that received the most feedback.

I thought it would be cool to revisit my old thoughts and create a "best of" center.  It turns out, reading your own old posts isn't cool.  Not cool at all.  A better term....might be....horrific.

I hate my blog. 

Hate is a strong word.  Hate is a word I reserve for spiders, and for the tradition of engagement pictures (get a room, you kissy-faces in a random meadow!).  I dislike my blog? Am annoyed by my blog?

I'm not fishing for a compliment here, I don't need any "no, silly I love reading your blog!" so shut it.  Don't! I said don't.  That's not why I'm spilling my beans here.  Maybe everyone with a blog feels this way? Can't stand reading their writing, the way hot actors always claim they can't watch themselves on the big screen (suurrre, you're so ugly superstar, I'm sure it's dreadful to watch yourself).  

Well, I don't know what to do now.  I can't recall exactly what I wanted out of a blog, although I do know one of the primary incentives was so I could put a face to my name when I commented or interacted with other blogs that I read.  But surely one of the reasons I started was because I hoped/expected that it would be fun to read through at some point, for the memories, much like any diary.  Turns out that aspect sucks.  I think I will only cringe harder when I read this stuff as I age.

Am I threatening to quuuiiiittt??????  Is that a threat!? I don't want to shut down yet.  But I also don't want to be accredited for crappy material.  I'm in a real pickle here.  I don't know what to do to improve, and I'm certainly not interested in becoming a better diary-writer or anything.  Stuck here in limbo, servicing a blog I wouldn't want to read myself.  I guess I could just come to terms with that?  Yeah, I'm a shitty blog-writer, but I'm owning it!

boy.  I still have brown hair, so here's a picture.

It's getting lighter (even with permanent dye) which is gross

And we are dropping a new record.  The title/art is all pretty meaningless, so just let it be.


Two track workouts this week, my favorite two, and the exact same as last week except for bumping each one up by one repeat, for: 8x800m on Tuesday, 12x400m on Thursday.

For the 800's, still aiming to build up to 2:59-ish for 10 repeats.  One lap jog recovery in between each.  For this week, I got away with:

3:03; 2:59; 3:00; 2:57; 2:55; 3:01; 3:01; 2:56.

I felt good, none of this "I'm gonna diiieee" feeling I used to get when I first introduced myself to the track a few months ago.  Jogged 2 miles home afterwards comfortably.

For the 400's, my legs were trashed and I knew this could be a poor workout (trashed because of more hill dominating the night before with XLMIC, and we're talking 20% grade hills, whoa).  However, while running each repeat, I felt good and thought I was hitting 81 and 82 seconds for most of them.  I felt like I ran the last one so hard, it would be 79 seconds.  (When I program a workout into my Garmin, I can't see the time for each split until I review the workout afterwards, maybe someone can tell me how to change that).  Anyway, my times were way off how I felt, and while these repeats are just fine with me, I was surprised.  1/2 lap jog recovery in between each.

86; 84; 84; 83; 84; 84; 83; 84; 83; 84; 81; 82.

Can you stand reading the archives of your own blog?