Rainbow Runner

The following important things have been happening.

1) July 20th was national lollipop day.  I didn't know.  See's Candy built a 7,000 pound lollipop--in the Bay Area!  I also didn't know.   Too bad it is chocolate flavored, because if it was butterscotch, I would have hired a crane and discreetly stolen it for my personal usage as a lifetime supply.


I could handle that.

2) My niece turned One! This really makes me realize that I have been blogging for a long time, because I remember when my niece was born and I was putting her cute newborn face up on the blog. much more mature than a 10 month old

It was a hot day in Napa, perfect for her first (of probably many) water-themed birthday.  Being a July baby and all.

Newsflash: her face is still cute.

And I wore the same dress to her birthday that I wore to her baby shower, if anyone recognizes my dress.  If you are a celebrity, it might sound gross to hear this...but...I re-wear all of my clothes.

Birthday Song.

All photos courtesy of my sister-in-law, Crystal

3) Running: some easy longer runs on the weekend, and several failed attempts to do speed work this week.

I cannot do speed workouts if I haven't slept well.  And I haven't.  Various things have been going on that have kept my mind buzzing at 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. 

I have one solution for getting a speedier session in this week.  I'm trying to get a free entry for the San Francisco Marathon's "second" half-marathon, since I recently learned that they waive the fee for women who have run a sub-1:30 half marathon.  I missed the deadline to apply for a free entry, wish I had known about this...if anyone knows who I can contact, let me know! The race is this Sunday.

4)  Kari (Hi!) spotted something for me this week that reminded me to get pumped for CIM.  It is a video, made by CIM, from last years race.  I'm huffing and puffing into the finishers chute, at about the 2:33 mark of the video at this link.

The clip juxtaposes my finish with the woman who WON the race, which is hilarious, because the film cut kind of makes it seem like I crossed the finish line shortly after the woman who ran a 2:30.  Nice.

I was looking at the CIM registration page recently, and noticing that I had a few days remaining until the registration fee changed from $105 to $125.

Then I looked at the scale for fees.  If you are a super early bird, registering 9 months before the race, you pay $85 (which really is a great deal for a large--and one of the best--marathons).   If you are a late bird and register 2 months before the race (is that really even late!?), you pay $145.  $60 dollar difference! That's no joke.

I have never, ever registered for a race more than 2 months before the race.  I have registered for many races the day before, or the morning of.

What this means is that:
a) I will probably never run a race that requires super early registration (Boston, Big Sur, New York, and these days, the Napa Marathon); and
b) I will always pay more for races than people who can apparently see into their future and know whether they will be injured and/or interested in running a marathon in 9 months.  Who are you people??

5) I don't receive flowers very often...and when I do, I go overboard by taking 3,000 pictures of them.  I LOVE flowers.  And to state the obvious, I love roses.

But this....this was beyond my wildest imagination.

This is for real.  Roses that transported here from an '80's music video.

Blooming!  I have to figure out how to make this my new blog wallpaper ;)

I'll share who sent them, and why I received them, soon enough.  My lips are sealed for the time being.

I brought one to work.

I hope the rest of your your week is like rainbow flowers.