That's Not My Name

36.8 miles this weekend.  Running long finally feels like it used to, back before I vacationed in Zion, hiked a ton, and came back to find that 16 miles felt like twice that. 

I know this is odd, not normal, but 20 miles is hands down my favorite and most comfortable run.  It has been, for years, for at least 6 years, even though I go through phases (like these last 3 months) where it has felt strenuous and challenging.  I love 20 miles.  It is the perfect distance on a weekend to feel like I TRULY went on a run.  Less than 12 miles, usually a blip in my day.  Go longer, and it becomes an event.  A memorable part of my day. 

On a good 20 miler, I wake up the next day and feel like I can do it again.  No soreness, no fatigue. 

So on Saturday morning, I went for a run while the Gentleman played basketball.  I didn't know how many miles I would run, until I hit about 15 and knew that I didn't feel like stopping anytime soon.  Truth be told, I didn't feel like stopping at mile 20 either, but I wanted to be home before noon, so I stopped at 20 miles.

I ate one peanut butter Gu at mile 12, drank some water, stretched.  Other than that, 20 miles, average pace of 7:42, just under 2 hours 34 minutes.  My buttcrease was disappointingly feeling aggravated, and increasingly so as I sped up closer to to a 7:00 minute pace (i.e. the last 5 miles).   Still not cured.

As my first 20-miler "this season" of what I hope will be a lot of 20-milers before my next marathon, I was happy that it was so comfortable.  It was accidental that it ended up being faster than my average long run, so I'm anticipating what paces I can push when I intend to go on a 20 miler with more effort.

Saturday.  This sweatshirt may or may not have my last name on it.  Just don't go typing it in the comments please :)  Trying to keep my professional reputation separate from the reputation on my whinerunner blog. 

Sunday, I planned to work during the day and run in the afternoon--something I almost never do except for occasionally a short 4 miles or so.  I left at 3:30 p.m. and felt like a brick, even though my breakfast, while large, was finished at 11:00 a.m.  I loathe running in the afternoons.

Since I couldn't handle the stomach anger that was happening while running, I had to change things up.  I headed over to some park stairs next to Lake Merritt and ran up them.  12 times up, 12 times down a hill and around the block (I hate running down stairs).  Hopefully this is good for glute-strengthening, since I'm supposed to be mastering that and all.  And I choose stair-running over squats any day.

All said, 16.8 miles, about 13 of which consisted of me trying to squeeze out a fart.  Just saying, it seemed like it would be the solution to making my stomach feel better.


Happy news: my car is safe and sound.  The police found it in a Target parking lot early Saturday morning.  A few things were noticeably gutted (5 speakers, my sunglasses, a leather-man pocket knife, a mirror...) but many more things were untouched.  Actually, everything was touched, and then thrown back down haphazardly.  So whatever.  No idea what this thief was after, but a $430 towing fee and a $25 car wash (inside and out!) later, it is home and happy.  I REALLY did not expect to get that car back, so I was pretty stunned all day Saturday when I went through the long steps of retrieving it.

Missing speaker # 1

yo yo yo, heads up! Next post will be the first ever RoseRunner GUEST POST from the doctor-running-enthusiast that I often nerd-out with via e-mail.  He has a wealth of knowledge about Olympic running and accomplished American runners and a compelling perspective on these athletes....stay tuned.

What's your happy distance? Any one else joining me by picking 20 miles?