Yeah So What


That is my premature HUSH to the influx of 4th of July recaps that are about to flood on to blog posts.  I think Holidays are my least favorite thing for blogs, because it means every blog is about to sound the same.  I had a New Years! I had a Halloween!  I'm guilty of this too.

By the way, I was on the phone with an opposing counsel today, and I asked if he was taking Wednesday off for holiday.  He is a man approaching his elder years.  Our conversation continued as follows:

Him: "Yes I am.  It is my favorite holiday."

Me: "Is that right!?"

"Yes.  I have a strong passion for early American History, and the Revolutionary War."

"So how do you celebrate your favorite holiday?"

"Well, I start by reading the Declaration of Independence out loud right after waking up."

"Wha--huh.  How long does that take?"

"About 45 minutes."

The conversation continued on.  Just so you know, no matter how hard you wear red, white, and blue tomorrow, there is no way you like this holiday more than this guy.  Don't even try.

But what I'm really here to say, on a pseudo-Friday night, is that I don't care what day it is because TODAY, I conquered the Yasso 800m workout and am self-appointed 800m Queen Supreme for this day.

(Please appreciate my horrible, fabulous, blog-title pun.  Yeah So = Yasso).

It feels so SO nice to see progress in my running.  It's been a long time since I really can say I have.  You know, scratch that, I don't even think that this is all progress--I think I just had one of those great run days where everything fell into place.  Which still feels freaking great.

Not long ago, I visited the track for a speed workout for the very first time, and shortly after tried to run a couple 800's with the knowledge that some people (although not most) believe Yasso 800m repeats indicate your marathon time capabilities.  I ran 3x800m repeats in the 2:53 range and then felt completely dead and had to walk home.

Then I built my way up, eventually running 7x800m repeats in the 3:00-3:02 range, and then 8x800m repeats in the 2:55-3:01 range.  The goal was to eventually work my way up to 10x800m at 2:59, so that I could cross that off my list of possible things that may help me run a 2:59 marathon.

I fucking ran the shit out of 10x800m in 2:59, with time to spare.

2:55; 2:54; 2:54; 2:57; 2:56; 2:53; 2:50; 2:52; 2:55; 2:50

I felt good the whole time.  Felt easy.  I didn't even jog full lap recoveries--only about 3/4 lap jog until I wanted to go again.  My buttcrease felt 80% perfect (the best it has in a while).  It wasn't too hot out (thank you Northern California).  I ate way too much on Sunday and Monday, which I have noticed sometimes leads to great workouts (tapping out on carbs maybe?).

(Hey, help me out.  I set my Garmin to 0.50 mile intervals when I run these.  Am I right on this? 800m is the same as 0.50 mile?)

And now, pictures to complete the blog package.

At a spectacular wedding, watermelon cocktail, Bride behind me

We were in a museum!!!

This is a cake.  I'm trying hard not to apologize for the terrible quality of these pictures, because then you would say "well then why didn't you just not post them!?".  But this wedding was incredible, and this is all I've got.

Also, my youngest sister just returned from Tanzania, and I'm trying to make this photograph of her famous.  Because I find it striking.

Apparently, the kids asked permission before touching.  So that's nice.


Your 800m Queen Supreme.  4 hours remaining.