Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Well color me surprised, I didn’t intend for the last postto be a mildly stir-the-pot post. I only wanted to give a little encouragement to a small emergent group of male running bloggers in our community!

I listened and interpreted that the post came across to some as:

a) anti-feminist,
b) braggy,
c) validation seeking, and
d) not universally supportive of all women bloggers. 

I don’t support all women bloggers, so you got “d” right.  Some are terrible role models.  The end.  No one should set an example that it is appropriate to eat only a light salad after 26+ miles. 

As for "a", "b", and "c", let’s do some damage control. 

I understand that those are viable angles to interpret a post about “loovvvving that men read my blog, omg, I just love men!”, but I meant only what I said: that I am glad men (albeit few, still very few) are reading, because men are a part of the running community, and because luckily for them, blogs about running that are written by women no longer have to be associated with diets and vanity.   It is still vastly women who read and write running blogs, which is why I took note when a few new readers and e-mailers here were men.  Took note, then wrote an annoying post about it.  My bad, but it is what it is and I yam what I yam.  I yam a blog writer who notices who is reading her blog.

I appreciate every single person who reads and comments, regardless of your chromosomes.  I don’t arbitrarily appreciate a comment by a man more than a comment by woman; I base my enjoyment of comments solely on how attractive the commenter is, obviously.  Not arbitrary at all.  We good?

In the future, I will probably accidentally still call women “girls”, or men “boys”, which isn’t all that worrisome or offensive in the grand scheme of things, it is slang, and we all know who has a penis and who has a vagina (usually we know at least).
As for being braggy…I get the vibe sometimes that posting photos of myself comes across as an act of gross self-love.  This really is reading into it too much…I post photos of myself or other random things to support the post that I write.  I spend milliseconds searching and then posting the photo.   I let photos do the talking.  Some interpret that talking as “look at me, I love me!”  Alas, I’m not that lazy.  If I wanted to say that, I would say that.  The pictures are just blog support.  My writing isn’t strong enough to be pictureless.  Also, I love me.  Say it with me everybody! “I LOVE ME”!  Channel your inner Stuart Smalley.

But seriously, I am really pleased that even those of you who I consider my "closer" blog friends are willing to call me out in the comments, so keep it up.  You can only learn how to not be an asshole, by first being told you are acting like an asshole...


Colorful Girls!

I don't know what to say about girls at the moment, so I'll show you some cool fingernails.  Not all girls care about nails, myself included.  But this stuff is just awesome in a “look what the internet found!” kind of way.


Lots, lots, lots more, here.


I haven’t done this in a while, so let’s roll out the wheel and take a look at what I’ve been running these past dozen days!

Sunday: half marathon
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 11
Wednesday: 12 miles a.m., 6 miles p.m.
Thursday: 13
Friday: 12
Saturday: 9
Sunday: 20
Monday: 0
Tuesday: 13 a.m., 6 p.m.
Wednesday: 12

Double days are pretty new and unusual for me, but when I have the time after work I enjoy it.  I've kind of been avoiding the track--I hope to get back into it sometime next week.  So all of the above--aside from the awesome 20 miler on Sunday--were mild, easier runs.

I also hope to start waking up a little earlier to bump some of those 11-13 mile pre-work runs into 15-18 miles runs.  Building mileage helps me with endurance, which helps with marathons, or so I think.

Last, thanks to many of you for the tips on discounted running clothes yesterday, my goal is now: 5 running shorts for under $100.  Can it be done!?