Let's Hear it for the Boys

One thing that I really love is that guys read this blog.  Men.  Boys.  Dudes.  I'll stick with the original--guys.

My law school dudes

I am....oh no....the one in the bright pink in the middle-ground.  Surrounded by men.  

Running with dudes

Freezing cold with dudes

Dancing with Wolves.  I mean, Running with Guys

One reason is because I feel it is some sort of validation that this woman's running blog doesn't fall into the same category as women's running blogs that regularly entertain topics like vanity, fashion, weight loss, how to be skinny by eating a pickle salad, how to look cute while running, how to maximize the number of running apparel items that can have sparkles on them, running skirts, "running for chocolate and champagne", blah blah blah.

Shut up, put on a cotton Hanes t-shirt, eat a burger, and run.  Veggie-burgers count.

Men obviously can use running for weight loss or weight control as well, and perhaps sometimes men care about fashion or good-looking running gear, so I don't mean that these aspects of women's running blogs are a strictly female stereotype.

But I do stereotype women as having more emotional red flags relating to food, appearance, weight, and their running, which makes for unhealthy, not-fun, bad role-model running/health blogs (at least when the author is in denial or not seeking help).  No matter how you cut it, taking 6 pictures of your food for every unremarkable meal is disordered.  You have a camera-compulsion disorder, or an eating disorder.   Okay, OR, food photography is your passion.  I guess some healthy version of that could exist.

See, when I first found "running blogs", all of them were written by women, and they were all primarily a "healthy diary" blog.  They posted about their running, their yoga, and took a lot of pictures of their food.  I think I found Eat, Live, Run first.  No disrespect at all, but I don't read that blog anymore (it is a recipe blog these days and I don't cook), nor do I read any of the healthy-running-food-diary blogs that I had started with.

Point is, when I did, I don't recall seeing any men comment, and so I assume men don't read exercise-running-green-smoothie-diet-diary-girl blogs.  

And the more that men read my blog, the more I feel a comforting buffer between this blog and the I'm-a-girl-look-at-my-lunch-and-my-sweaty-smile blog.

(Just to cover my butt from hurting anyone's feelings, I do enjoy a lot of blogs that include pictures of food amongst other (much more) interesting content.  It's called scrolling.  Scroll on past the food pictures).

Another reason I love that guys read this blog is because...I don't know how to explain this...but it makes me feel more a part of a real running community.  When I show up at races, there are men everywhere.  Men are clearly dedicated runners, just as much as women.  In fact, in not so ancient history, men were 100% of the people running at races.  So it feels more balanced to see that some of them are also excited enough about the sport to be a blog writer/reader on the subject too.

Dude, dude, dude, me.

Anyway, I was thinking about this today, because I received the best email ever from a relatively new reader.  He is a guy.  He occasionally asks ME for advice, and somehow, a guy asking ME for running advice just makes me smile (despite the fact that I am a pretty bad person to ask for valuable running advice--see my last post about how I don't really follow any rules....)

--A couple other running things--

Due to a tragedy at the laundromat over the weekend, in which a dryer machine like, burned all of my clothes into a barbie-sized crisp, I need to go on a shopping spree.  All my running clothes now smell like charred cloth and don't fit.  I hate spending money on running clothes.  That crap is not cheap.  This would be a good time for one of those companies that I loathe for feasting off bloggers at the utter boredom of blog readers to hook me up with some free running shorts.  Desperate times call for desperate measures...

I'm still planning to run a trail half marathon this approaching Sunday, but.....I don't have trail shoes.  How big of a mistake is this?  I'm considering wearing my trail hiking shoes -- these innov8 shoes.

Run in these -- yay or nay?

 I will be stoked if I come in under 1:45, these trails look like no joke.

Anyway, thank you, boys, for reading!  I really mean it.