Climbing Back Up

Happy long weekend if you were lucky, let's review last week in running shall we!?

After not running Monday-through-Wednesday due to post-Dirt Inspires trail run angry quads, I still ended up with 60-something miles for the week due to a run-heavy Thursday-through-Sunday.

Thursday: 15.8 miles a.m., 4 miles p.m.
Friday: 13.7
Saturday: 21
Sunday: 12

Details? Sure.

I ran just under 16 miles Thursday morning, in my first attempt at waking up earlier and pushing my morning runs a little farther to build mileage.  Felt great, about a 7:45 pace, except my buttcrease pain was a little angry.  I will never understand why one day I feel completely whole, and then the next day I feel injured.  

Friday I finally visited the track again in, I don't know, a month.

I didn't know where to start with my return to the track.  400 repeats? 800's? Miles? Tempo? It's intimidating, because I know that I worked hard to build up my speed earlier this year when I first started visiting the track.  It's also intimidating because....obviously....when you are at the track, you are hitting lung-burning speeds.  Some days when the alarm goes off, the idea of running hard makes me want to gag and cuddle harder with my blanket.

On the other hand, I am excited to climb back up via kicking it at the track.  I know the results actually arrive quickly--I could tell the difference in my leg turnover after only about 3 track visits earlier this year.  I keep reminding myself: so what if it is harder right now? So what if I run slower splits than I have in the past?  I'm still working.  Climbing back up.

I decided to run 5x1 mile.  I love mile repeats because they mean less repeats.  I would rather do five 1-miles than ten 400m's, even though I know I am running way farther with the five 1-miles.  Brain trickery.

The results weren't terrible....everything felt right except my legs felt a little stiff--not used to moving fast on the track.

6:09; 6:12; 6:05; 6:17; 6:33

The first 3 were done on the track (faster), the last 2 were done while running home from the track (slower, lots of wind, careful sidewalk winding).

Saturday, I booked a long run, not anything too exciting to share about it.  21 miles that included a couple laps around Lake Merritt and some climbing into the Oakland hills.  I thought about it, and if I knew how to upload my Garmin information to look at the elevation climbed, some of my tried-and-true Oakland runs probably have elevation gain similar to any given tough trail run.  The obstacle is shitty drivers instead of roots and mud.

I ate 2 Luna bars right before the run, and some dried cherries throughout.  Somewhere along the past year, my stomach seriously toughened up.  I used to only be able to eat pretzels or a banana before a run. Now, anything seems to go!

Sunday, I was starting to feel the heaviness of running four days in a row (I usually, but not always, take a day off after 3 consecutive days of running).  I was craving a run anyway, and ran 12 miles that were sweatily tough, by throwing in 12 stair repeats on some stairs near Lake Merritt.  I can't say how many stairs there are, but usually by the last few steps I am begging to be done.

I think the glute strengthening is actually, finally, happening and maybe working.  My buttcrease/hip pain may be improving.  I've been wrong before...

ugh, that was too much writing about running.  so bored, let's talk about something else.

*****My Super Awesome Oakland Weekend*****

My plug for Oakland, land of purple mountain majesty, where the hipsters are taking over and police are laid off even though we need 3,000 more of them.

I had a memorable, wonderful, only-in-Oakland Saturday night.  Michelin-star restaurant (snob alert) Commis, followed by my freaking favorite band at the freaking best music venue in the whole wide world.  I could do this night over, and over, and over, until I had $0 in the bank, which would actually happen very quickly.

The mood:

I suited up in a Target dress, darkened hair, and a sports bra chafe line from my 21 miler.  The thing with me and hair is, I always imagine changing it is going to be "the thing!" that makes me the prettiest version of me.  And then I hate it and move on to the next thing.

The food:

or is it food?

This was an egg yolk in onion soup with balsamic and steel cut oats and....heaven

There were seven courses

and 7,000 flower petals

The music:

Yeasayer.  I can't describe music.  You fall in love with whatever moves you, and Yeasayer has topped my list for 3+ years now.  They always have a spot in my race ipod playlist.  If you want a list of their best songs to start with, to make your runs 10x more fun, seriously please ask.  I could talk Yeasayer all day.

I know, this is about 0.000000003% as cool as being there

Even in this sea of people, Chris Keating only had eyes for me, I could tell ;)

And finally, in miscellaneous thoughts:

  • I heard from multiple sources that while the Nuun blog chatter was mild, that's because people were vomiting Nuun all over Twitter.  Sucks to be on twitter.
  • Thank you for all of your thoughtful advice on whether I should run the St. George marathon this October.  The majority of you advised against it, and while I think some may overestimate how many eggs I am putting in the CIM basket (I will be more than fine if it is not a perfect race), I am probably not going to run St. George.  The cheapest plane flight I could find was $400.  
  • How do I get out of a parking ticket that I received on the labor day holiday? I assumed parking was not enforced on holidays.  I even looked it up online for the San Francisco parking, and misread that it was not enforced (turns out it was street cleaning or something stupid that is not enforced).