Party of Five

What follows may be a collection of unrelated thoughts, but they are all worthy of some blog space, so let this proudly be a mish-mosh post.

Part 1) my world beliefs are turned on their head. 

I have long considered myself a great fan of Indiana Jones.  I whistle the theme song all the time! (no exaggeration, at least once/week.  Do it before a run if you need to pump yourself up).  I can't get enough of the Disneyland ride!  I grew up watching the movies and I love them all so much! I went to the theater to watch the fourth Shia LeBeouf installment even though it was really terrible!

Check it out.  A remastered version of the Indiana Jones' movies have been released in limited theaters.  We went to our beautiful Grand Lake theater to watch Raiders of the Last Ark on Friday night.  I was excited because it is always fun to watch a movie you haven't seen since you were a kid, only to learn how much less scary/wondrous/grand it is than you remember.

Within moments, the truth barreled upon me like a huge rolling ball that attacks you after you steal a holy treasure from a booby-trapped cave.  The truth: I had never. ever. seen Raiders of the Lost Ark before.

Oh no.  A movie that I have always claimed to be one of my very a movie I had never seen before?

Well, I'm a pathological deranged liar it turns out.  But the movie was extremely fun, Karen Allen is cute as a button, and I can now say without lying that Raiders is a great movie.

Don't forget that the bad ancient spirits will only melt off the faces of Nazis who keep their eyes open 

Part 2) I find my people.

"East Bay Atheists"

I met XLMIC today for a trail run (details below), and did a warm-up mile before we met up.  I ran by this picnicking group, mostly older folks, with their flag proudly waving.  You can kind of see the group below the flag.

Touchy subject, but now that I've gone so far as to flash you my underwear, I think it's fair enough for me to hint at my spiritual life....or lack thereof.

I also talked about this back when no one read this blog.  In short, spirituality is something I never think about.  On the rare occasion that I do think about it, my simplified thought process goes something like this....."invisible magic all powerful man who disapproves of gay love, unmarried sex, and makes some people believe they can kill others for not also believing in their god?  I....respectfully do not wish to partake."

Of course, my personal thoughts are more complicated than this.  I have my own very strong moral compass.  I don't need to believe in anything other than myself to live a peaceful, motivated, and loving life.

I also don't judge people who have very different beliefs.  Many of my best friends and family members are and have been religious or spiritual in very different ways, and I love that everyone can find their own version of comfort and peace, without it causing a rift in friendship.  However, if my best friend were to run for President, I would ask them to shut the effing door to their religious beliefs and keep them far, far away from running our country.

Part 3)  I share brilliant running fueling tips

~I am flipping, quickly and bored-ly (read: I do not recommend it) through this book that my mom picked up for me from a garage sale.

"Foreword by John 'the Penguin' Bingham"....makes me laugh everytime

But I finally found something useful from this book, aside from the repetitive advice to NOT try anything new on race day (I got it, I heard you, and yes, I will definitely be trying something new on race day so pthhhh).

The advice was to carry a small straw while running so you can stick it in the cups you pick up from water stations.  I can't decide how practical this is.  I may try it sometime.

~ I have been using dried cherries as my long-run fuel lately, because a big bag of dried cherries from Costco is cheap and lasts me more than one month.  That's like $0.10 per run, instead of $3.00 in Gu, so I win.

However, my long run last weekend was lacking with just the cherries.  I was sick of the sweet taste by the 18th mile, and could kind of tell I needed some electrolytes, not just quick carbs.  So this weekend on my long run (more below), I sprinkled salt on the baggie of cherries before tucking them into my pocket.

Did that work? I dunno.  I didn't have that sick-of-sugar, craving electrolyte feeling I had the prior week.  So yes?

~Cucumber lime Gatorade is the

I can't recommend it enough.  It is so delicious and will hit your thirsty spot so hard.

Cucumber Lime

Part 4) I recap my week of running

Monday: 0
Tuesday: 16.5 a.m. (2x5mile tempo) 5.3 p.m. (shakeout run as per chiropractor's recommendation)
Wednesday: 12.4
Thursday: 11.6 (11x400m track workout)
Friday: 0 (hamstrings not feeling good)
Saturday: 22.1
Sunday: 13.3
[total: 81]

I am signed up for the San Jose Rock n' Roll half marathon, which takes place in 3 weeks.  I have never run a Rock n' Roll event, and I am pre-pissed off at how expensive it is.  I used a $13 off code to purchase my entry, but is still whoa expensive for a half.  If cutting out Matt Nathanson is the answer to making these races cheaper, then please dears cut him out.  I swear I don't need a completely average male singer-songwriter at mile 5 to pump me up.

Saturday was 22 hilly and s-l-o-w miles, which made for the longest time I have spent running ever outside of a marathon.  It was just over 3 hours and 20 minutes.  I know a lot of you have gone on runs for even four hours or more, but my max is usually around the 2 hour 45 minute range.  This long run was fine, I didn't hate being out for almost 3.5 hours, but it's not my jam.  I have too many other fun things, like napping, that I'd rather be doing on a weekend, so the longer a run gets the more annoying it is in terms of being a time-stealer.

Sunday was another great, challenging, chatty trail run with XLMIC.  We hit around 9.5 miles together, and I ran a few extra as a warm-up and afterwards while checking out the animal farm and the atheists in Tilden Regional Park.

Part 5) I make a public service announcement on behalf of litigators and the court system.

Don't pretend you are a biased asshole just to get out of jury duty.  Everyone can see through it, and it actually makes you more of an asshole than the one you are pretending to be.  This is your civic duty. The justice system is not always perfect, but it is a really good justice system, it works, and you are needed do your part.  We all have jobs and a life that we would rather not put on hold to sit on a jury.  You can be vocal about any hardship that serving on a jury would lead to, and the court will take it into consideration.  You will be respected much more than if you lie that your brain is broken and you can't be a fair juror.

Five parts.  I'm done.