The Likeliest of Things

For the early part of last week, I paid some good attention to the foam roller that I stole from XLMIC months and months ago (literally, I've "borrowed" it since early March) and the likeliest of things happened: my body was happy with some extra miles.

I comfortably fit in several double days this week.  I swear my body completely forgets that it ran within 5 hours, so I can run before work and after work, with the after work run feeling fresh and fine.

By the time Friday was over, I had already hit about 65 miles for the week, and knew I would likely run another 20+ on Saturday, and so I thought....100 mile week? Maybe? Why not!

And then the likeliest of things happened.

On Saturday I was too tired for my weekend long run, and so I only made it 11 miles.  (I did run a few more miles later that day to try on a new pair of shoes I purchased that afternoon, the Nike Air Pegasus 29, I'll try to talk more about this on another post).  But overall, I was bummed that I gave up my weekend LONG run, which I so enjoy, just to get some useless extra miles in during the weekday evenings.  They definitely caught up to me, even if I felt fine as I was running them.

And then Sunday came and I couldn't run at all.  A little "niggle," as the elites call it, on my right hip (my good hip) caused me to take the day off.  I'll take my usually Monday off as well, and hope that the niggle was just a niggle and that it goes away.

Week in Summary:

Monday:         0
Tuesday:        12.3 a.m.,  10 p.m  (8.5 in one hour, staring at oysters)
Wednesday:   13.3 a.m.,   7 p.m.
Thursday:      11.4  (track workout, below)
Friday:           10.8 a.m.,  4 p.m.
Saturday:       11.2 a.m.,  5.7 p.m.
Sunday:         0
[total: 85.7]

Check it.

Thursday was a track visit.  I thought it would be unsuccessful because of tired legs, but happily I bumped my way up from 5x800m to 8x800m within just two weeks by set of 11x400m.   Even though I remarked that 400m repeats feel easy because they are done so quickly, they do seem to be the magic piece that helps all other track workouts improve.

2:56; 2:54; 2:53; 2:55; 2:54; 2:55; 2:55; 2:57.

Sweet.  This means I can run 4/5 of a marathon in two hours and 55 minutes, right Mr. Yasso?

As my milage died while the week progressed, so did my Garmin Forerunner 305.  It won't start on its own ever now.  I have to do a "hard power start" each time or whatever it's called where I press like four buttons at once and hold them down for 3 long seconds.  Has it run it's course?  It's a few months shy of 2 years old.


This morning we went to our friends' housewarming party-slash-baby shower.  Their awesome new craftsman home is in Alameda, the new hippest of hip cities to live in, and the baby shower games were actually kind of cool.

My cute dress and cute headband which I failed to fully capture.  It is a ribbon with multi-colored buttons on it that was used on an Anthropologie gift bag.  I now use it as an accessory cause I'm just SO CRAZY. 

Deceptive: she was actually only pregnant with one baby, not 30 babies.

I checked out the new home and gave it my most enthusiastic approval

Baby shower games: draw the baby on a paper plate on your head.

The Gentleman's

I also got to decorate this onesie.  The Gentleman made fun of me for my overuse of the word "button"

I celebrated having to take the day off of running Sunday by eating everything during the baby brunch party.  Why do I seem to eat the most junk on days I don't run? Anyone else?  I think being active actually regulates my cravings/blood sugar or something, because I usually don't need a croissant AND a cupcake AND two muffins AND two slices of blueberry bread AND a biscuit (etc. etc. you get the idea) at 11:00 a.m.  But then again, I guess I'm not usually at baby showers with awesome food spreads at 11:00 a.m.

....Seriously, "niggle"? There must be a better word to describe a minor running concern that requires just a day or two off.