Concrete Jungle

Hello and goodbye world wide web! I have time to dish out a quick run-down through day 13 of operation: “rest because of mysterious buttcrease/hip issues,” and then I am spontaneously combusting into a vacationer, because we booked some last-minute flights to the east coast to check out the concrete jungle of New York City and Washington, D.C.

I didn’t keep track of my "rest/cross-training" workouts last week so my recap below is based on memory but I think pretty accurate.

Monday: swim for one hour, easy, lots of breaks for goggle issues, ear issues, not-able-to-swim-so-good issues.

Tuesday: swim for one hour, new $15 pair of Speedo goggles are so fantastic.  I do 10 “sprints” of 50m (one round-trip lap) with an equal recovery.  This is really, very hard, because when I try to “sprint” my form deteriorates and I kick so much that I actually think I slow down…and then I start to breath harder and take a breath every stroke, which makes me feel like I am drowning.

Wednesday: my first ever spin class!  I have heard rumors since the beginning of time that spin classes are HARD, so I was shaking in my boots.  Knowing that the class is really as hard as YOU make it for yourself, I chose to try and make each interval HURT.  But still, I left the class thinking….hmph.  I feel nowhere even CLOSE to as drained as I would from a track workout.  Neither swimming nor biking are getting me to that foggy-brain super-hard-workout fatigue that running does.

One evening this week: a class called something like Aqua Challenge, that was described as a mix of cardio and strength training, in the water.  I figured there was a 50/50 chance this was going to be a gentle class for senior ladies, but it turns out the odds were 100%.  Because I was the youngest person by 50 years.  And while the ladies clucked like chickens (gossiping) and kind of floated around, I tried furiously to make the class do something for my muscles.  The whole thing was very bizarre.  One point for me for being adventurous and trying out different classes at this new temporary luxury gym; One point for the gym for tricking me into taking a class that was not even close to what it was described as.

The trend is that these gym classes do not challenge me nearly as much as I can challenge myself on my own, or Jillian Michaels can challenge me in my living room.  The classes are catered to wimps.  Everyone seems to be phoning it in, I hate that! Once again, confirmed that I am a solo-exerciser.
Thursday: swim for 1.5 hours, two miles.  The first mile is relaxed free-style (front crawl? I don’t know what you call it) with two quick stops for water at the edge of the pool.  The second mile is alternating “drills” of kicking with a board, swimming with a foam thing between my legs, backstroke, butterfly stroke.  The 1.5 hours got me pretty tired!

I still don’t know how to do a cool turn at the end of a lap—everytime I try, I do a full somersault and then end up facing the wall like whhaaaa?

Friday: swim 1 hour, easy, drills mixed in. 1.3 miles-ish. 

Some other evening this week: a class that is advertised as strength training.  It was pretty weak sauce.  A lot of lunges and lifting a bar, but Jillian Michaels still makes me more sore.

Saturday & Sunday: Camping!

We camped and hiked and tried to make my niece love me (she likes me only slightly more than her tea set, slightly less than the pillows in my tent) in Big Basin State Park.

We were on this awesome steam train, and the Gentleman and I were the only childless people on it.

She held my hand for 2 minutes and then decided to put her hands all over the dirt instead

Big Basin is where the Gentleman and I went on our very first date almost five years ago (unofficial date because it was with a third wheel/other law school friend) right after finishing our first law school finals. 

Five years ago! Still smiling because I hadn't received my first law school grades yet...

After five years, we are much less awkward. ^

Camping was c-c-c-c-cold, and at night I stared at the tent ceiling listening for the Blair Witch and mountain lions (falling acorns sound a lot like pitter-pattering feet) but somehow did sleep a little. 

We hiked about 8-10 miles, ignoring my doctors orders to “avoid activities that mimic running,” since she ignored my orders to FIGURE OUT WHAT THE CURSE is wrong with my body by getting me an MRI.

This is what 49 degrees requires when you are a warm-blooded California girl

It warmed up delightfully

We definitely look five years older, huh....

Now we’re headed to NYC, a vacation we had originally planned for December, but circumstances led to us pushing the vacation up.  We have spent the last few years mostly tackling nature's jungle at National Parks, so this is our attempt to do a “city vacation.”  Already disastrously more expensive – we are staying in a tiny hole for $200+ a night in NYC, and tried to purchase Book of Mormon Broadway tix until learning it would cost over $500 for the two of us, with seats that were described as having a “partially obstructed view.”  Dammmmn, NYC.  High rollers allowed, only.

My anticipation is even higher for Washington, D.C.  I lived in D.C. for a semester in college in 2004 (during the Kerry/Bush election) and haven’t been back since.  I have so much nostalgia for my time there; every weekend I visited a different museum, historical site, or government building, and ate it up like a hungry nerd.  We’re going to try and cram all that into 3 days. 

I will probably try running a few times on vacation (I cannot wait to try a run in Central Park or retrace my 20-year-old steps around the Mall and up the Lincoln Memorial steps) and am so anxious to get back on dry land and run.  Hard.

Unfortunately, I can pretty confidently predict that my buttcrease issue has not healed or improved during my two-week hiatus.  I have a few ways of testing out the situation (one is by swinging my left leg forward; one is by lying on my stomach and raising my left leg up) and I can still feel the tight tug in that buttcrease area. Note: none of the "cross-training" activities caused any pain in the buttcrease, so it did get a break and chance to heal if it wanted.  New self-diagnosis evidence suggests that my buttcrease issue may be ischeogluteal bursitis.

Either way, two weeks lost for nothin’, so consider me pissed off and ready to run while in the East Coast!

Last time I went on vacation to Zion/Bryce Canyon I received some really great tips from you, so if you have any MUST DO’s for NYC or DC, please share! My #1 in NYC is being a live audience member of SNL, but it is highly unlikely to happen, so perhaps a Daily Show or Letterman viewing instead.  My #1 in DC is to watch the Supreme Court, I cannot even describe how excited am I for that!

If I post in the next week, it will be short and sweet, but most likely I’ll be MIA for a while.  I will miss you all!