Good & Bad

I'm feeling a flat-line of emotions about the fact that the first few weeks of my marathon training went from a steady build to a dead halt during the last two weeks.

11 days ago, on Sunday, I felt the first sign of pain that kept me off my feet.  Since then, only two slow runs, and one long trail run.  Speed work out the window.

The more time I spend away from running, the angrier my body seems to get.  My legs feel heavy.  My buttcrease feels sore.

My mornings are so, so boring without running. (I've been sleeping in a little--6:30-ish--but still have been setting the alarm because I wake up each day hopeful that it will be the day that my hips popped into happiness overnight and I can run without any issues). I would normally jump on the elliptical while taking a running break, but I've taken a few days of total rest.  I spend the morning stretching, foam rolling (especially that upper hamstring/buttcrease area), doing deadlifts, push-ups.  Ugh, my day feels so empty without that invigorating morning run.  This is the first time I have been so bored that I actually thought I understood why people have babies.  I needed company.

But I'm tolerating it like a big girl! I've had a sneaking suspicion for weeks that this was not going to be a smooth build for the Califiornia Int'l Marathon.  It will be a big mess.  I think there is like 8 weeks or less left.  I'll be very happy and lucky if I make it to race day with any sort of confidence and steady training behind me.  The big three-hour goal is slipping...slipping away.  But I assume my body needs the break, so here you go! now heal!

My doctor thankfully was confident that no stress fractures are going on here on my new hip problem.  He dug into the tendons and muscles that were all tangled up on the inside of my right hip bone.  He even managed to bruise whatever muscle runs right over the pubic bone.  So I've got that going for me.

And now, the $100 I dropped on San Jose Rock 'n Roll half marathon is taunting me for this Sunday.  I think I will run it, and if I have to drop out, at least I got to experience the newest trend that is obstacle races.  Rock 'n Roll races have the obstacle of trying to finish without being poisoned by the water.  Amiright?  Las Vegas urban legend?

If anyone wants to buy my bib, you name the price.  If no one buys it, I will run it and probably continue to ruin my body.  That's a threat.  The race is this Sunday, San Jose. 

So that running talk was kind of a mix of good and bad, right?  Good: I'm listening to my body, I'm not feeling too bratty about not getting to run.  Bad: I don't get to run, my body continues to betray me, I feel so much more whole when I can run.  Let's do some more goods and bads?!  (this is really just a cutesy way to categorize some random thoughts that I felt like writing up).

Good: Peter Gabriel concert on Tuesday night.

This is kind of a terrible picture.  Gripping my tix.

Yup, I have connections in HIGH places; row 5,0000.

Sir Gabriel puts on a great show, has a voice that withstands time, and can still kind of dance even though he looks increasingly like a Wizard.  (His Wizard phase was actually the early 2000's).

Still cute

He kept us up 'til 1:00 a.m. on a "school-night" (including the drive home) which was rough, especially since the Gentleman and I both have a mild cold right now.  I can't wait to sleep until 10:00 a.m. on Saturday.

Bad: the blogger who cried Gluten-Free

Memo to all the peeps who go “gluten free” or “dairy free” as a diet trend while claiming to suddenly discover an intolerance:  you’re ruining it for the people who actually have celiac disease or lactose intolerances.  Because I don’t believe any of you.  I believe you may have found some legit benefit from the trend, such as "more energy" or whatever, but I mostly believe that y’all want a beard for your disordered eating.  “I eat whatever I want, but I don't eat gluten or dairy because my stomach is sensitive, I can’t eat meat because I am environmentally aware, and so I the only thing I can eat is sugar-free syrup and egg-whites and zero-calorie yam noodles!”

Go on, you buffoons, and coddle each other with low-calorie internet love and support.  I can’t believe the cheerleading of this unhealthy lifestyle.  “Your recipe for the fiber-one truvia bean brownie looks SO GOOD I can’t wait to try it tonight!”  No, no no no no.  It does not look SO GOOD.  Unless you haven't eaten anything but gum and diet coke for the last 24 hours.

Good: So many of you are racing this weekend and I am so excited for you!

Bad: I wish I was racing too and am jealous of everyone whose body is behaving when you run hard.

Good: All of our 11 Television channels are broken for some unknown reason so we haven't been able to watch the presidential debates.

I consider this a good thing because I believe that not getting too invested in politics is good for your blood pressure.  Call me apathetic, or call me sane.

WHAT could possibly be this funny? 

Bad: mom literally posted ("shared") 9 political images right after the debates ended.  I guess this is a step up from the chain emails.

Good:  read this piece about runner Kip Litton if you haven't already.  Gracie pointed me in this direction, and I lost about 30 minutes at work because I could not stop reading it.


Bad: I've been getting so much spam in my blog inbox lately! Luckily, it is screened out by Blogger and never published, but it has really increased lately.  I think it is because I included the word "workout" in a recent post.  So much of the spam and email offers I get is related to diet pills.  So fucking shady.  Who buys diet pills?  Seriously check yourself.  Before you wreck yourself.

Good: this quote that I found, from Hannah (Lena Dunham) on the TV show Girls, which I have never seen, but now know is quotable: "I just want someone who wants to hang out all the time, thinks I'm the best person in the world, and wants to have sex with only me."

Not only is this a splendidly accurate quote for probably most women I know, but if I can get real mushy here for a second, reading it made me smile and feel giddy-happy to think that I got what I want out of "someone."  I'm going to speak on the Gentleman's behalf when I say that he fits the bill for that description (or at least he makes me believe it is true!).  Honey, you can confirm or deny by commenting for the first time ever.  It might get real awkward in here if you deny.

And let's end on that Good note!

Tell me how your butt/hip running issues are doing; whether you want to buy my race bib; and what you look for in a partner.  Did you find what you were looking for?