How to Stay Fit When You Are Stranded on Vacation

Rolling with the punches here in Washington D.C. where all the tourist attractions (and the Supreme Court) is shut down in anticipation of a "historical" hurricane that so far is just a lot of wind and rain.

(unfortunately the pictures don't seem to be working, sorry.  Trying to post from my iPad.)

Knowing we would be stuck inside through at least sometime Wednesday, we took the opportunity while the winds were slower than 50 mph to get outside in My Very First Hurricane!

Here's what I learned: How to Get Fit in a Hurricane, presented in the style of every terrible women's health magazine.

1)   Turn off the weather channel and head outside in whatever clothes is left in your suitcase.  Strengthen your hips by dodging all the doormen who ask to get you a taxi in disbelief that you are headed out into the rain.

2)  Puddle jumping = pliometrics! Really engage those muscles and jump to burn off all the beers you drank while watching the Giants win the world series.  You can do some high jumps like Mario by letting the wind boost you.

3)  wind? Perfect.  Use this obstacle to your advantage by either creating a challenging resistance workout, or practicing your Michael Jackson lean like this broken model in the Space and Aeronautics museum.

4) Eating well is hard when all you have access to is non-perishable foods picked up from 7-11 before all stores closed.  Make a meal of some Hostess donuts and Goldfish, which will nourish you with all the preservatives you need to stay fresh while locked inside for three days.

5)  when you get too wet and chilled to run the rest of the way to the hotel, knock on the White House doors and beg Michelle to give you refuge.  Tell her you love her Jason Wu dress so she knows she can trust you, even though it's only kinda true.

6). Take the time to have a private talk with Abraham Lincoln, who has never been so lonely and misses the thousands of people who usually admire him each day.  Tell him Jefferson is still pissed that his memorial isn't as popular, and is scheming a nip-slip so he can get some more publicity.  Try not to slip on the marble steps that have judged you for making disrespectful tabloid jokes about old presidents.

7)  treat yourself to some free acupuncture by allowing the wind to pelt your face with sharp raindrops.  So good for the spirit.

8) when it starts flooding, utilize those arm muscles and start swimming through the 10 inches of rainfall.  Extra power calorie burn!

9). When you really feel miserable and wet and cold, run by the Korean war memorial and realize what a wimp you are.

In all seriousness, I'm just trying to kill some time here with my cabin/hotel fever.  We are stuck on the East Coast with hurricane Sandy, and posting with an iPad is ridiculously hard so this postvwill be short despite my boredom.  We did run about 6 miles this morning in the whipping rain, and seeing the memorials in rain and solitude is something I will never forget.

The pre-hurricane vacation was fantastic, thanks to many of your great NYC and DC suggestions, and a couple amazing (but not pain free) runs.  Can't wait to be home in california with the calm weather and Giants fans.  See you soon!