No More Trouble Zones

RoseSwimmer here!

Listen to what happened.  You will never believe what happened.

I swam this morning, and I had a really excellent fabulous time!  Honestly.

Day six.  Now that I made it public and fully accepted letting go of the CIM 3-hour goal, my mind relaxed.  I got over it.  I'm almost kind of enjoying that the break from running is forcing me to try all sorts of new activities that I previously "wouldn't have time" for.  Because previously whenever I found a free hour, it was devoted to running.

In the past weeks, I was craving that 3-hour marathon with every piece of me.  The interruptions in my running were destroying me, because I felt like I was hanging on to the possibility of reaching my goal by a thread, a piece of dental floss.  The closer I got to December, the more I couldn't visualize a marathon with a healthy body.  My running ailments were code red annoyances.  Coming to terms with burying my December goal has made it significantly easier not to feel in despair over the ailments or anxious to find a quick fix on the buttcrease.

I was sore this morning from the Jillian Michaels video I did yesterday.  Sore butt, sore abs, sore arms.  All of this made me happy, and made me excited to do more strength training.  I know a Jillian video is small potatoes for many, but I really love this video and it makes me sore in all my favorite places.  It's a little over 50 minutes total, but it always goes by so so fast.

I wish this was actually called "tough bad-ass squats with weights."  Although it is true that my butt causes a lot of trouble.

For those of you who have done this "No More Trouble Zones" video, can we talk about how much I hate this chic?

Green tank girl.  I think her name is Kristen, even though Jillian gets all sweaty and calls her "Krishen" at one point.  She just has this terrible, hideous, rainbow spouting glory smile on her face the entire time.  She's working her ass of and looks like a jack-in-the-box toy.  Is this supposed to make the person at home feel better?  To work out, burning in pain, look up and see some blonde white girl smiling like she just arrived for an interview?  

Kristen, Krishen, little Ms. Jillian's A+ Student, I need you to know that I hate you.

Anyway. Jillian made me sore.

So I swam this morning, and I suited up more appropriately.

Swimsuit, and un-pictured swim cap and goggles, courtesy of my swim-coach father-in-law.

It is actually a water polo suit, which means it is extra snug to prevent psychotic players from pulling on your suit.  It has a zipper from the buttcrack up to the neck.  I feel like I'm getting ready for a ball when I put it on.

I had to empty the goggles of water pretty regularly, and when I really pressed them hard into my skin it felt like it was bruising the bridge of my noise.  I guess I need to try a different pair...

And I can't believe I had no idea....that a swim cap doesn't keep your hair dry.  I came inside after my swim, stripped off the cap, fully expecting to have beautiful Kate Middleton locks cascading down my shoulders.  Instead, a wet ponytail flopped onto my neck like a slug.  Hmm.  I figured I wore the cap wrong, until a friend told me that actually, swim caps don't keep your hair dry.  (Thanks Greg).

The swim: I was out there for 1 hour, swimming time was probably about 53 minutes?  I took short breaks, often (like 2 seconds at a time to fix the goggles).  It was so beautiful and peaceful.  The pool is outdoors, so I swam while watching the sun rise, the fog burn, the steam rising off of the pool.  Just the gentle sound of other swimmers.  Nobody bothered me (sweet).  I had watched a beginners' form video prior to heading out since Christie gave me a smart link to, and I think it really helped.  I focused on thrashing my legs less (whoa, that had been slowing me down) and pressing backwards with my hands instead of downwards. 

I was dreadfully thirsty so next time I will be sure to bring some water.  It's sick, really.  I'm totally looking forward to my next swim.  Running? Who? huh? see ya in 8 days.  Out of sight, out of mind....sorry running.

While we're making fun of that stupid sport of running, watch this.  The Gentleman was very proud that he found me a running-related joke on one of our most-visited websites,, of course.