Sassy Pants

If I could sing you a song through the computer, it would go like this: "look at meee, here is a picture of meee, in which I, am, runningggg."  I sound exactly like the lead singer of Offspring when I sing, so you can picture that voice.  The Gentleman describes Offspring's voice as "a dead cat come to life."

That building to my right? Is where I saw Peter Gabriel 5 days prior.  So much San Jose in one week.

Fashion police

Let's talk about the shoes in that photo.  I'm wearing the Nike Air Pegasus 29 in "night blue" aka totally purple.  This was my first real good wear of the shoes, as in, worn on a run that wasn't easy or short.  Verdict: love 'em.  I didn't notice any issues of pain or blisters, they were just plush and comfy and light and along for the ride.  Then again, I may have been too busy hating my butt to notice any shoe problems.  I'll probably wear them for the upcoming marathon!

Let's talk about the shirt.  Cotton y'all.  I'm wearing a cotton shirt! How dare thy!?

After my laundry disaster, a very sweet race director by the name of Leila got in touch with me and sent me some of her race's t-shirts.  She runs Picnic Dash Productions, they do a bunch of races in San Francisco that benefit non-profits.  (She specifically told me I didn't have to write about her generous act, but I wear the shirts she gave me a lot so I shall give her a shout out).

Let's be real, part of why I love cotton shirts is the fabric feels better to wipe my sweat and my snot on.  I was still a little sick on Sunday and I knew I needed a good shirt for blowing my nose on.  Snot rockets are not appropriate when you have people all around you at a race.

The shorts are pretty much my only shorts left that are really tolerable for racing/long runs after the laundry disaster.  I can do with almost any top, but I am picky about my running shorts.  So I've been doing a lot of laundry so I can wear these shorts a lot.  It helps that I haven't done a lot of running lately.

Operation: buttcrease

My primary care doctor squeezed me in today to talk about my butt/hips.  I had actually never met her before, long story that has to do with me never seeing my doctor for anything because until recently my health plan wasn't so good.  I guess that's actually a short story.

She was really lovely and seemed focused on trying to find out what is wrong instead of telling me running is the devil and "I gotta go, bye".  She invited in a "roaming physical therapist" and hooked me up with x-rays, so hopefully I hear about the X results soon.

The physical therapist who came in had atttittuuuuude.  Sir sassy pants, or he just hated me.  He seemed frustrated with me for not knowing the name of all the parts of my body.  See, I took a guess about what a "hip flexor stretch" was and got it wrong, which earned me a scoff from sir sassy.  Dude-ical, memorizing body parts to get a physical therapy degree is your job, not mine.  Orrrr....I guess should know where my hip flexor is.

Anyway, I got the feeling that between the two of them, they were thinking I may have either arthritis (eh?) or tendinopathy (which I understood to be tendinitis that has....gotten worse).

My homework is stretching and strengthening of the hamstrings, stretching the hip flexors, and.....2-4 weeks of rest.  Swimming is okay during rest.

As long as the x-rays don't show something requiring immediate rest, both my doctor and the PT were satisfied with letting me train through early December for a marathon, and then taking that 2-4 weeks off.  Looks like this means December is going to be suck town USA, and I will have to draw daggers all over the dipshitty magazines that say: "how to handle the holiday weight gain!? Exercise for an extra 30 minutes, and then pick the candy cane over the pecan pie to save 3 pounds!"  Not running during the fattiest month of the year should be awkward for my jeans.  At least I won't have to deal with tripping while running in the dark winter hours!

Operation: three great concerts in one month

I know what you're thinking: another concert? Is Rose Runner moonlighting as a concert critic?  Is she secretly a musician?  Is she a tool and a poser who thinks she discovered Pitchfork?

We caught a Grizzly Bear concert at the Fox Theater in Oakland last night.  It's true, I spend all of my disposable income on running and concerts.  And the occasional fancy meal.  If you think you don't know Grizzly Bear, you probably actually do know this song which is either in commercials, or is ripped off by copycat music in commercials.  But this song is the one that you should know about if you want to know about a really neat song.

The performance and music were great even though my ears were ringing afterwards.  I guess the band members didn't hear me when I said "turn it down!" in the general direction of the stage.

I gotta go stretch n' stuff.