2012 in Running Blogs: a Look Back

It's only December 11, 2012, but it's NEVER too early to try and be the FIRST blogger to pump out their "year in reflection" post.

But in a turn for the unexpected, this post is not (entirely) about MY year and my happenings.  It's about you! and us! all of us floating in the pot of running blogs!

Here we go, rev your engines, step into......

The Highlights of the Year 2012 in Running Blogs

1) Suddenly out of the ether, GOMI is invented by a fat lonely catlady (synonymous with "one who snarks," right?) and bloggers around the world realize "oh shit, I better reel in the intensity to which I sound like a privileged dunce," except for the bloggers who are, by nature, privileged dunces.

I learned that "white knight" is not a term reserved for corporation law courses, that there is no such thing as being a blogger without being narcissistic, and that YOU'RE just jealous, haters gon' hate, sad lonely life, etc etc.

I actually have no idea when the website began, but as far as I can tell, it popped up this year.

2) Janae, the one and only hungryrunnergirl, shook the blog world upside down by announcing her pregnancy, crushing naysayers who said it was not possible for her blog to get any more cute.  Now there is a baby on it, and so, it just got that much more cute.

3) Aron ran 50 miles and made the Bay Area look like the place to be if you enjoy beautiful things (trails, neverending trails).

4) The Boston Marathon was ferociously hot, in the first sign that 2012 would be the year of glee for people who wish for terrible conditions on Big Marathon Race Days.

5) Page's ankle :(  The worst timing ever for an ankle to spazz out, right before the pretty young thing's first attempt to become an Ironman, but she handled it (and continues to handle it) with good spirits.

6) Kris Lawrence came out of nowhere and became the mother hen (I mean this in the nicest possible way) to the rest of us.  She proved to have a maddeningly perfect combination of running talent, wisdom, entertainment, and good writing skillz.  Whenever we had a question about an injury, a running plan, a race, we crossed our fingers that Kris would comment and let us know what to do!

7) Oiselle became the new Nuun by pouncing on women running bloggers to market their brand, which seems to work for 90% of consumers,  and annoys the other 10% (is that too generous of a number for the minority?).

8) YOU got a PR! and YOU got a PR! and YOU won your age group! and YOU won a race! A lot of studly running took place this year.  Sorry for not taking the time to name y'all.

9) FitFluential confuses everyone as to its purpose, and with the passage of the year, clarifies its purpose with a strong message of "fitfluential means: fitfluential!"  Thanks for clearing that up.

What club!? I don't get it!?

10) I learn that there can be constructive criticism and great discussions on blogs, by the rad people who read this here blog and comment.  If you haven't realized it yet, I should alert you, the comments are far and away the most interesting thing about

11) Cely almost kills herself when a shard of glass attacks her arm, and I make a mental note to tell every blogger to PLEASE not suddenly die before I've ever met you.

12) NYCM was.....cancelled.  The blog world pounces on categorizations of people as either "classy" for not running/wanting it to be canceled, or "ignorant die bitch" for wanting the show to go on.  Ultimately, everyone turned into a zombie and said "so devastating, so sorry, take some of my money" so they didn't get in trouble.

13) Runner's World Magazine stoops to a whole new level of stupid typically reserved for People magazine by giving way too many shout-outs throughout the year to runner blogs as if they are worthy of sharing tips and jokes next to Ryan Hall.  

I pay for magazines for the professional content; I read blogs for free to check out the thoughts of my hobby jogging peers.  Don't mix up the two!

Yeah yeah, in the age of the internet, everything is merged.  Whatever.


14) The CIM mini-monsoon (I'm coining this phrase).  Sacramento joins Boston and New York in knowing runners can rise to any occasion, and giving them the challenge they crave! (not me.  that's not me).

15) Some of my favorite bloggers start blogging less, down to a trickle, barely at all, and I crawl in a corner and cry.

The year is NOT OVER, and more epic moments will still be added to this blogger world.  Mark my word.  It's all about to go DOWN.  I don't really know what I'm talking about....

What running blog memories of sweet 2012 did I forget? Let me hear it, we have time yet this year for a Part II!