Salads are for Babies

I'm just going to dump out the photos on my iphone to create a guide of something to talk about.  That's how blogging works, yes?

Thank goodness for sisters and birthdays.  One of them had these show up at my office.  That's bananas and apples up top.  I very reluctantly shared with my coworkers ;)

We started Netflixing Homeland.  Sometimes when you press pause at an awesome moment, you have to take photos to commemorate it. she isn't....

Yes! She is! She's eating lettuce!

She's probably under the influence of healthy food bloggers.

We went after pastries instead of lettuce.  My dear friend, who hung out in a crib with me when we were naked babies, helped me pick the perfect dessert at the Oxbow Market in Napa. 

four inches of cream to a centimeter of pastry.....perfection


I signed up for a half marathon that is in early February, exactly 4 weeks before the Napa marathon, so I can check myself and see what kind of shape I'm in.  Practice operating with my leg-lock issue, strategize when to stretch and how to do it quickly while racing.  No goals, just a "practice" run.

You'd think signing up for a marathon would be the thing to get me working extra hard, but, it isn't meant to be right now.  I have been working "eh" hard.  Normal hard, for me.  Not "I want a PR" hard.

It's not a lack of motivation, or a burn out.  It's just what is working for me right now, and what I think my legs want.  I've avoided the track, and while sprint repeats never test my body the way tempos do (in terms of my leg-lock issue), I figure toning down the frantic speed work can only make my body a little happier.

And so without the track, I have only a few options: easy whatever run; steady "tempo" style runs; and fartleks.  And I've been doing those, kind of.

For example, this week, on both Wednesday and Thursday (today) I ran 8-9 miles outside at a steady harder pace.  On Wednesday it was 8.6 miles in one hour at between a 6:45-7:10 pace; on Thursday it was 9 miles at something like a 7:05 pace.  (warm-up and cool-down miles not included).

The good news is that my legs felt AWFUL both days (not sore, but weirdly...weak or something.  Like that tingly feeling when you have wine after running), and I still was able to hang onto those paces somewhat comfortably.  7:10 is almost comfortable right now.  6:50, not so comfortable.  All I have to do is hit a slight incline and then I struggle to hit under 7:00.

Oh right, anyway, back to the point which is that I am signed up for a half-marathon.  The Kaiser half marathon in San Francisco.  I signed up after seeing the date (perfect distance before the Napa marathon!) the time (8:00 a.m., neato!), and the location (San Francisco is my posh neighbor!).  I haven't seen the course because the website is poorly designed enough that I gave up looking for it, so for all I know this is a trail run.  That's cool with me.


Work is busy and exciting, and if it keeps up I may stick with 1 post/week....which bums me out a little.  I like to feel like I'm part of the blog community, and lately I feel all out of the loop.  Did the holidays throw us all off? Or am I alone on that?

Also, my brain is afraid of something.  I've been having nightmares constantly! The best part about my nightmares (because I get to laugh at it later) is that when I try to scream in my dreams (usually at a burglar trying to get in our apartment, or already in our apartment) I sometimes...succeed.  hehe.  But instead of a real scream, it sounds like a ghost.  Like "oooOOoaaAAooo."  And I work hella hard in my sleep state to make this little wimpy warbling noise.

Sign up for the Kaiser Half Marathon with me?

Who else talks or screams in their sleep?