I'M SO BUSY (but not too busy to post)

Thank goodness for tapering.

This is the one of the only times I can remembering "tapering" fitting into my life perfectly.  I have been much too busy, too stressed, and too tired this week (and the forecast is the same for next week) so I cannot think of a better time to be restricted to running 10 miles or less each day.

So, truly, my apologies but this will have to be one of those, "I'm so busy, just popping in" kind of posts, and I really hope I can get in here to evaluate my running body and my marathon goals before next Sunday (Napa marathon!) but there is a decent chance that just won't happen.  I will at least be having that talk (about the state of my body and my goals) in my own head, and would much rather have that discussion with you, but I'm not ready yetttt.

Here's a quickie on where I'm at after the end of taper week 1 out of 2:

1) excited to run a marathon.  I can NOT say this was the case for my last marathon.  I was dreading it. I felt torn about whether I was just torturing my already seemingly broken body.  I knew I wasn't in great shape because nagging pains of various types kept interrupting my training.

Not that my training has been uplifting or perfect this time, but I did learn at CIM  to accept "failure." I ran a fairly comfortable 26.2 in super shitty weather in 3:11:47, and that was good enough for me.  7 minutes off of a PR, but good enough for what I was presented with on that given day. I am content to enjoy Napa marathon for the experience, no matter what happens, no matter how much the weather or a given body part betrays me.

I don't think I am in better shape than I was when I ran a 3:05:08 marathon, but, I may want it a little bit more this time.  Hopefully that makes some sort of difference.  I want a marathon PR. Gimme gimme!

2) My shoulder still hurts.

This is about as obnoxious as not being able to run because my tooth hurts.  But, it seems to maybe, slightly, be feeling better.  Don't work too hard with paper products, my friends, or your shoulder may scream while you sleep and run.  (My test of injury pain is how much it interferes with sleep.  My shoulder interferes with my sleep).

3) I am 86% certain I am going to wear the Brooks Pure Cadence as my marathon shoe despite many of you warning me not to.

I stopped in with my dear chiropractor this past week for the first time in months and months and months (summer 2012), despite it being a very hard week to find free time, because I needed some freaking help with my foot, my shoulder, and maybe one last attempt to scare away the buttcrease pain.

He fixed one out of three things (maybe?)--my foot.  My foot has not been bothering me.  And I've been wearing the Brooks WITH the original high-arch-lump inserts.  I really like the Brooks, and I really have not been enjoying the Nike Pegasus lately, so it's one non-perfect shoe over another.  A lose-lose situation.  But I'm betting on the Brooks this time, and I may lose, but that's a risk I am willing to take.

4) Here is my taper week # 1 in running: 30-ish less miles than usual, but with the normal level of intensity.

Monday:       0
Tuesday:      11.3 (dragging, but 2x4 miles at 7:10-7:25 ish).
Wednesday: 10.6 (with 4 at 6:45-6:55 pace, and 10 hill sprints of various lengths).
Thursday:    10.3 (with 6x1 at 6:20-6:45 pace)
Friday:         0 (one hour swim)
Saturday:    14 (slow, easy)
Sunday:       8 (fartleks the entire time, about 20 pickups total).
Total:           54.

5) not running related.

I put my hand in so you could understand that we were served an entire cow.

This experience (at Sidebar in Oakland) has basically made us both swear off steak for the next eternity.  At first we were like, "hey, dang, this is good!" and then we both felt the kind of regret that one has after....they eat....a huge steak with a ton of butter on it.  Never again.

I ordered a pretentious latte, and somehow managed to drink the entire thing without ruining the design on the froth.  Does this happen to everyone, or am I awesome?

I have become completely complacent about choosing a wedding party site, because our one big exciting plan fell through (we were trying to book a group camp site at Big Basin so we could force all of our friends and family to come camping with us, which is basically my dream day).  We checked out this site as a Plan Z, captured in the photos below, and since I didn't hate it, that's good enough for me.

This is where we will fake laugh for the cameras, or fake solemn, and then post a picture of it on Facebook, so everyone can say how adorbs we are

The event building.  Cute, right?

The other side of the building, lakes and stuff.

You will DANCE here, or you will be escorted OUT of the wedding

The Gentleman practices for our wedding photos.  If I was better at computers, I would photoshop my head in there.  Not the body, just my head.  Someone...please do this for me and I will send you some Sees lollipops.

And one more of the lake.

And finally, this picture below may seem completely out of context, but the focus is on the lower right. My sweet little Paco, who came into my life when I was 13, barked away while I posed for sepia-toned photographs when I was 16, was put to sleep Friday night.  I cried like a baby.  I can not handle the sadness of never petting him again, of him being alive one second and gone the next, because some humans (doing the humane thing) chose in a moment of hardness to put him to sleep.  I wished I believed in dog heaven.

Paco being the coolest in my lap. 2007. 

I know I don't owe the blog world anything, since I DO THIS SHIT FOR FREE (I mean I do it for the ego boost, I mean I do it for the entertainment of the trolls, I mean I do it for the sense of community) but I really hope to get one of my dozen half-written stir-the-pot posts up so we can TALK together about stuff besides my running numbers.  I haven't felt fully engaged in a while, I have black-listed my home computer many-a-night, but like many passions that ebb and flow, I hope to feel inspired to meet you here more regularly than just a weekly recap.

Which is to say if this post felt rushed, that's because it was.  See you soon you stars! Life of Pi is still the best movie of the year!