Ice Cream Headache In My Foot

Starting this week with a jambalaya of random.  First, in running.

  • Monday: 0
  • Tuesday: 0 (one hour swimming)
  • Wednesday: 9.2 a.m., 4.4 p.m., 13.6 total.
  • Thursday: 14.2 a.m. (6 x 1 mile at 6:45-6:55 pace, 1/2 mile easy in between, and 2 long-ish hill sprints) 3.3 p.m., 17.5 total.
  • Friday: 13.2 
  • Saturday: 22.3
  • Sunday: 12.5
  • Total: 79.1 miles

I spent the first part of the week resting my legs, which were sore after last weekends half marathon.

The shorter evening runs are always with the Gentleman, and usually take place at 7:00 or 8:00 p.m., at which time we get home and neither one of us is brave enough to turn down the others' suggestion that we run around the lake.  Thursday's evening run was in the pouring rain, followed by picking up a Round Table Pizza, because desperate times call for desperate measures.  And we were desperate because we forgot to grocery shop the prior weekend.  Hey, did you know that fancy pizza is more affordable than Round Table? Cheers to that.

The second part of the week was mostly easy, fun miles.

Saturday's 22.3 miles is the only one worth a minute here on the blog.  I'm finally feeling okay about the endurance angle.  I ran 26.2 just...9 weeks ago I think, and have sprinkled a few 20 milers in since then.  And this weekend was a nice solidification that the endurance is there.  I felt energetic at mile 22, and while the miles were much slower than marathon pace (8:00-8:30 on the flats, 9:00-10:30 on the hills), it reminded me that 26.2 miles is not that intimidating.  It's not.  Of course, it's the whole running 26.2 miles in a row at a fast pace without stopping that is intimidating...

Part of why the 22.3 miles felt good may be that I've been taking an iron supplement regularly for 1-2 weeks now.  I should fully be able to tell if it has kicked in within another week or two, but as of now, this supplement is treating me well:

I ordered this on Amazon recently after bookmarking it when I read Inspirunning's endorsement of it.  So far, no stomach problems.  So far, not as fatigued as I had been on long runs a few weeks ago.  It's not a cheap habit (30 pills/$15 after shipping), so I'll probably only use it to pick myself up when I'm feeling lower energy, as I had been in January.

Another notable thing about this run, was my attempt to deal with my right foot and the possible plantar fasciitis I experienced during the Kaiser half marathon while wearing these shoes:

Brooks Pure Cadence 2

Several of you encouraged me to give these shoes the boot after they made my foot go stiff and numb while racing.  I plugged my ears and sang, "la la la la," because I had convinced myself they were my marathon shoe, that they were going to give me a faster and springier turnover than the plush Nike Air Pegasus' that my feet sank into while running CIM.  With 3 weeks until Napa marathon, I don't know if I have time to start experimenting with a new pair of marathon shoes.

The foot issue came back full force when I started on Saturday's long run.  I can only describe the feeling as an "ice cream headache," but in my foot.  You know? It's that lingering shock feeling like when you jump off the monkey bars at recess and land on your feet too hard.

I ran four miles in the Brooks, then came home to switch shoes because it felt awful.  I put on the Nike Air Pegasus, and had zero problems with my foot the rest of the run.

But, my hope for the Brooks was not lost!  My friend Jessica suggested I take out the inserts and replace them with old ones from another pair of shoes.  I did that.  Then I went on a 12 mile run in the Brooks.  Success!?!? I didn't have any foot problems.  I'll keep trying that, and hopefully time will prove that the inserts were the problem.  They do have a visibly stronger arch lump than the flatter inserts on all my other shoes.  I'll be trademarking "arch lump".

Random stuff to catch up on:

1) Chobani hasn't sent me any free shit.  I recommend this Fruyo stuff from Fage instead, eat that, Chobani.  It's good.

ladies and gents, it's just YOGURT.  WHO CARES.

2) My niece finally likes me about 3% as much as I am obsessed with her.  She used to like me significantly less.

poor kiddo was sick

My first hug from her!

I was in heaven.  She kept running back to give me hugs.  Swoon!

These pictures are from my parents home last Sunday, Superbowl.  I had run the Kaiser half that morning, and I actively noticed that my running life is distinct from my family and friend life.  The race never came up, and I'm not one to shove running in non-runners ears, so the day came and left and I never had a reason or opportunity to share.  I'm curious if anyone else has an active running life and/or blog, but keeps it mostly to themselves.  In my day to day life, I'm not associating with many people who care about running other than as a thing they joke about doing because they ate too many donuts.....

Too bad my parents will HAVE to act like they care about the Napa marathon, since I will be sleeping all up in their home before it, and all up in their shower after it.

3) Look who I got lunch with!

The one, the only, blurry,
Page and I work in the same city and have finally initiated what will soon be a very common occurrence by getting lunch.  RIGHT Page? We got delicious pho.  It's a Vietnamese noodle soup dish, but you already knew that.  I also savored half of an avocado shake.

The special kind of look that bloggers exchange over an expanse of table

4) A story.

This speakeasy movie theater that I saw Life of Pi at, was such a great experience that we soon returned, not once, but twice.  We saw Beasts of the Southern Wild last weekend, and Jack Reacher this weekend (as for the latter, can't be too choosy at this theater.  They feature few movies at a time, and this weekend, Jack Reacher was one of them).

This place is all sorts of quirky

Theatre 1, all set up for eating and movie watching

The upstairs comfort zone

We order a million things from their delicious kitchen, park ourselves on a couch, eat, and watch.  Most recently we got a quesadilla full of vegetables, an almond butter and jelly sandwich, a bucket of popcorn, and these fried cheesy rice ball things.

Between the food and the vibe, we love this place.  There is, of course, one problem.

The problem is that Oakland is a divided city.  There are relatively safe places, and by relatively safe I mean that muggings, burglaries, penis flashings, and vehicle theft occur, but a lucky majority who pass through probably do not experience it.  In my neighborhood, I've had the joy of my car being broken into and a penis flashing.  Pure joy. And I consider my neighborhood a good one.  L.O.L. with sadness. yuck.

Then there are places where all my hairs stand on end the second I drive through.  Or accidentally run through.  I quickly learned that you can't just go "wandering" while running in Oakland.

This theater is on the cusp of one of those areas that make my hair stand on end.  All of a sudden the streets are more shadowy, more deserted, more filled with liquor stores, more filled with people who have tourette's syndrome (which is to say, people who have no reservations about spewing nonsense and threats as they walk by strangers).  Just two blocks away and I'd be fine walking around by myself, but on this street, no.

And this is why on our second trip to this theatre, we went during the day.  Daylight equals safety, no?

On our third trip, this weekend, we thought it was silly to waste a beautiful 60 degree day inside of a movie theatre.  So we opted to go in the evening.

As soon as we parked my car, I secured the Club on good and tight.  I gave a kiss goodbye to my car.  I don't take the loyal thing for granted since it was just stolen from me by some crooks last summer (and recovered by the Emeryville police one week later).  In fact, every time I park that car in public, I half expect it to be gone when I return.

We walked towards the theater, just 100 yards away, and in that short walk I saw a very pretty car with its window smashed out.  "Honey.  honey, LOOK.  shit.  I don't know.  I don't know about parking here....I'm sure the neighborhood has learned that all these cars' owners are gone for a solid 2 hours in the movie theatre."

He said "I see it."  And then for no good reason, I said, "If that happens to my car, you're paying for the window."  As if it was his fault that we both decided to see a movie....

For two hours we zoned out with Jack Reacher, who put me on edge well enough since he is like kill, punch, shoot, stab, kill.  The movie finished, we made fun of it, began the 100 yard walk back to my car, and as soon as my sweet little car was in eyesight, I gave it a good scan to make sure the windows were intact.

I could not. believe. my motherfucking eyes.


This was a moment I DREAM about.  In a vengeful kind of way.  Ever since my car was stolen last summer, I have had daydreams about getting back to my car JUST in the nick of time before the thieves broke in and drove away, giving them a loud and bitch gone crazy piece of my mind, and scaring them away and into the arms of the heroes, the Emeryville police.

Trust me, I was NOT happy to see someone breaking in to my car, but on the other hand, I was PUMPED that I was about to catch them.  And also in the back of my head, a little worried I was about to get shot.  Fucking Oakland.

The mess of adrenaline has kind of obscured my memory of what happened next, but I think it went like this:

Me: grabs the Gentlemans arm, "there's someone! at my car! trying to get in!"
Gentleman: starts SPRINTING towards my car, yelling "HEY! HEY!"
Me: sprints after the Gentleman, yelling "that's my CAR, what the HELL are you doing!?"
Gentleman: "what the FUCK are you doing!"

Thief: nonchalantly, slowly, steps away from my car, walks away, acts like nothing is going on.

Me and Gentleman: have sprinted well enough that we are now at the car, defending my sweet little 1999 Honda.  awaiting some sort of stand-off.  prepared to fight to the death.  (not really, not at all, but we were kind of stupid pumped and not prepared for anything).

Thief: ever so quietly, "my car looks the same.  I'm sorry.  Sorry." and.....he was gone.

The kicker is, he wasn't lying.  We watched him get into his car.  It was silver, mine is white, his was parked on a different side of the lot, so he is fucking stupid, but he wasn't lying.

Then we felt pretty bad.  I think that guy had also just got out of Jack Reacher, and was just as paranoid as we were that the real world is all about guns and kill and guns.  He was scared shitless that we had just come charging at him with threatening voices.

Moral of the story: we now know how we would react if we caught someone trying to break into my car.  And we now know that IF this ever happens for real, um, we will not run TOWARDS a crazy person who is desperate enough to break into a car.  Shout, maybe.  Blow a whistle, I dunno.  Not run towards them.  Decision final.