Vals Day

I just looked at my running calendar from 2012 to see how I tapered for CIM, since I'm exactly 2 weeks out from a marathon and thought I should try and do something smart.  How do I usually taper? I can't remember at all.

I wanna do whatever THAT girl is doing.  She looks amazing! Go # 35! Your hair blends seamlessly into your skin!

Looks like last time, I ran 75 miles the week before "marathon week".  Seems like a dumb idea.

I guess this time I'll aim for less.  60 miles? 50?

On an unrelated note, it turns out that I suck at hole-punching, because I hole-punched two case binders worth of documents, and now have....tendinitis in my shoulder?  It was like 13 minutes worth of hole punching, that's it.  Then my shoulder hurt.  Then I swam the next day and my shoulder felt fine.  Then I ran on Saturday and my shoulder did not feel fine.  I had to switch my Garmin to my right hand, and hold my left arm close to my body to avoid shoulder pain.  I imagine I looked like an adorably shy runner.

Legal secretaries must have shoulders of steel.

I am still figuring out this newer foot issue (and of course the ole buttcrease problem), but nothing is out of control, nothing too painful.  I'll do a full body check-in closer to the marathon for anyone who is keeping tabs. I'm expecting the shoulder thing to be on its way after I give it a good lecture, and avoid any binder making workshops.

My week in running:

I didn't feel great enough this week to accomplish a stellar tempo or something else to be proud of....but looking back at the week, I'm happy I found a way to incorporate a challenging element (hill sprints, stairs) into most of the runs, despite my body not feeling like it wanted to.

  • Monday: 0
  • Tuesday: 12.4 (with 10 hill sprints, the hill was about a 75 second "sprint," or 0.2 mile).
  • Wednesday: 14.5 (with 8 miles--not consecutive-- at 6:35-6:55 pace).
  • Thursday:  14.5 a.m. (Progression run, about 10 seconds faster each mile: first mile at 9:00, fourteenth mile at 6:41).  3 p.m.
  • Friday: 0 (one hour swim)
  • Saturday: 18.2 (first 4 miles with fartleks and two hill sprints)
  • Sunday: 13 (with 10 sets of stairs at Lake Merritt's Cleveland Cascade.  Described by one Yelper as the "outdoor stairmaster".  Picture below)
  • Total: 75.6

Thursday morning's progression run was spontaneous (i.e. not planned, much like every run I've ever met) and is a run I have never done outside before.  I'd say 92% of my treadmill runs are progression runs, and I love them.  I find it the best way to get the most out of 1 hour.  But it is VERY hard for me to mentally focus enough outside on pacing to nudge it up each mile.  My mind wanders without the belt beneath my feet forcing me to keep a certain pace.

This outside progression run was much easier than a treadmill progression run, because on a treadmill I usually start around 8.0 mph (7:30 pace) and end up around 9.3 mph (6:27 pace) ....whereas here, I started slower (9:00), so all of the first 10 miles were comfortable.  In fact, everything about progression runs is pretty comfortable, since the speed sneaks up so slowly you are suddenly blasting away at full throttle, not sure how you got there.


Hey girl.  Let's age really badly together. 

I go by "Rose" in these parts, so you'd think Valentine's day would be my holiday.  Wait no.  Actually, you'd think "she can't even get married right, of course she hates Valentine's day".  Both of youse is wrong.  I got "youse" from my ironically favorite band, "Personal and the Pizzas."  They rock.  I don't wanna be no personal pizza, I just wanna live my life.  

I think Valentine's day is a sweet holiday.  I love seeing flowers come into the office (for other people), I love that people are happy and thinking about **LOVE** all day--and don't give me mouth about it being a sad holiday for people who are single, there is always love.  For your mom, or dad, or grandma, or grandpa, or siblings, or niece, or nephew, or children, or best friend, or neighbor.  It is very sad if none of those exist in someone's life, but when I say it is a sweet holiday, I mean for the reminder to think of those you love, and not just your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife.

Here's what I don't like about Valentine's day:

1) stereotypes of men running around like a chicken with their head cut off to buy roses and/or diamonds at the last minute in order to appease the stereotype of a high maintenance woman who demands acknowledgment via expensive material things that she is beeeaautiful.

2) when people give me a sad look of concern when I say that I won't be getting flowers/chocolate/diamonds from my husband, and that I like it that way.  Nobody believes that you don't want flowers.  Everybody believes that I am telling myself a sad lie in order to cope with the devastation of being in a relationship with someone who doesn't run around like a chicken with his head cut off to buy last minute $80 roses on his way home from work.

The only person who I consent to giving me flowers is my mom. Remember these?

I forgot to reveal that these were from my mom after we told our families we were married.  Everyone else sent me hate texts.   

I know a ton of us don't "celebrate" Valentine's day with gifts.  Maybe even the majority? There are many other beautiful ways to celebrate without the heavy-handed reminders to do it with roses and jewelry.  We had a delicious crock pot meal of chicken and dumplings for dinner (a coincidence; we had been planning on making it one day and Thursday morning was the morning we had time to get the crock pot cooking), but since it was V day, we also opened a bottle of wine, put on the slow jams (not), and had one of the 365 days filled with love that we have each year.

Even though diamonds are my greatest enemy, not my best friend, you bet I still wore hearts.

It's a vest that comes out once a year.

I wish each and every one of you a mega amount of love in your life, yes, even TODAY (plain old February 17), and tomorrow, and all of February, and all of March, you get the idea.

(And let me know if you are interested in a comforting and easy chicken and dumplings crock pot recipe.  Salty, doughy goodness).