I'm afraid I have some pop culture to catch up on.

1) Bachelor 

Most urgently, is a timely and relevant conversation about the Bachelor finale ;)

(see, the joke is, the finale was like 2 weeks ago. This is not timely. I will still talk about it).

Sean proposing to Catherine

I caught about 70% of the season, and by the finale became very concerned about the fact that a) the final two women that Sean chose were the two with the most grating voices, and b) Sean was "praying for clarity" in order to choose his wife.  As opposed to falling madly and deeply unquestionably in love with his future wife.  Seems like a pretty terrifying way to choose your lifemate....but then again, in the world of the Bachelor, a lifemate really means approx. 5 months-mate.

Grating voice aside, at some point early in the season (the volleyball group date) Catherine stood out to me. As drop dead gorgeous and not dramatic.  She is a cutie!

And then, by the finale, when she got adorably excited to ride an elephant, I declared, "I would totally pick her if I was a penis person!"  I suppose "if I was a man" would have worked.  Or "a person who likes women".  But you get the point--I was rooting for Sean to pick Catherine.

Except for the whole "praying for clarity" to determine who he should fall in love with, Sean seemed like an okay guy.  Definitely more likable than some of the schmucks in the past.  The fact that he couldn't take a shower without being filmed was a little odd though ;)

Did you guys catch the episode where he surprised a group of sorority girls watching the Bachelor?

They harassed him to take his shirt off.  Mean girls.
Girls feast on him in the DeeGee Chapter room
Oh how do I know cool terms like "DeeGee Chapter room?" Cause that was MY DG (delta gamma) chapter room in college.

Yup.  I was in a sorority at UCLA.  And I would have lost my shit just like those girls if we were watching the Bachelor and he just popped in.  It made me all sorts of nostalgic when the camera spanned that beautiful sorority mansion that I used to call home.  Man, I sure didn't appreciate that opportunity for what it was.  I was too busy trying to find a corner to hide in for an estrogen break to appreciate how AWESOME it was to watch the Bachelor (or as it were, Sex and the City) with 50 other fun girls on mandatory "Monday Dinner" night.

In sum, Sean did not have much to choose from, but Catherine was his best bet.  She seems really playful and silly, and sometimes that's all you need in a best friend/wife.

2) JT

Have you heard the hype? Justin Timberlake hosted SNL! Then he was on Jimmy Fallon everyday for a week! Then he was on every radio channel! And the Grammys! He has a new album out! You can buy it at Target for $10 and it comes with two bonus tracks!

For the love of *NSYNC it was just too much.  And I totally fell for it.

I found myself at a Target at 9:00 p.m. on Tuesday night (the day it was released) with the Gentleman to buy his new album and some Peeps.

And then I found myself at another Target at 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday night because the first Target was sold out of the JT album.  I bought some more peeps.

I buy CD's because my #1 favorite time to listen to music is in the car (nope, not while running, I listen to the radio or podcasts while running), and my old car does not have an ipod/iphone dock.  CD's only.

I bought the hype because Pitchfork gave his album an 8.4.  By Pitchfork standards, that is a beyond glowing review.

I also bought the hype because even though I find nothing about JT attractive, I think his sense of humor and SNL hosting skills scream, "I was on the Mickey Mouse Club!", I think he is arrogant, his voice is just ookkkkkkaay, and generally I fucking hate Justin Timberlake, EVEN THOUGH all of that: "my love" and "lovestoned" and "what goes around" and "cry me a river" always end up on my ipod playlist.  They just migrate right back there.  He makes good music.  Thanks to Timbaland's writing and Michael Jackson's influence, but still.  Good music.

How's the album, you ask?

Well there's this problem where I can't shake Jessica Biel's face out of my head, since every song is about how in love he is and how much he wants to dance with his hot lady.  No songs at all about how Scarlett Johansson (as a metaphor for Britney Spears) cheated on him and then Karma killed her in a car accident.  (See: what goes around).

Not a bad face to have stuck in my head
I have close to never seen any of Jessica Biel's acting, but she is so very famous.  She is stunning. That's all I have on her.

But, the album is very good.  The music and the beats are creative and fun.  They make you want to dance, and also to sit still and listen to the weird stuff that is happening.  The lyrics are terrible, though, so don't listen too closely to that.  Sample: "you really got me when you said hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, smacking that strawberry bubblegum."

3) JTT

Lets add another T and now we have a hottie!

What 10 year old WOULDN'T fall madly for this?

When someone's face is hanging on your wall for a solid year of pure Teen Bop love, you never forget.  JTT still lives in my fifth-grader heart.

I am forever thankful that the "Justin Bieber" of our generation was the adorable JTT.  I never saw his underwear due to saggy-yet-tight-hammer pants.  I never saw him take his shirt off because he thought his skinny boy body was slammin.  JTT had a smoldering smile.  Bieber tries to have one.  JTT wins.

And JTT is back!

He made an appearance on some show called Last Man Standing on Friday night.  I didn't catch it, because I'm too cool to be at home on a Friday night.  But I still got excited just to hear that he's still around.  And adorable.

There he is, all grown up! Nicely done!

4) Bloglovin

I reacted to the Google Reader death announcement immediately, and then so did everyone else, which surprised me. I thought I was in the minority for using it as my blog reading tool.  Then I just felt like a douche for blogging about the same whiney stuff that everyone else is blogging about.

I hear that our choices are Feedly and Bloglovin.  I just sampled Bloglovin (tricky move, I just linked you to my blog on Bloglovin) and was very annoyed to learn that when you click on a blog post, it opens it in a new page.  There's no way to stay on the same page? It also downloaded all my Google Reader subscriptions, but then made it so a bunch of posts I had already read were un-read, which is going to be annoying to dig through.  -1 point for Bloglovin.  I'll try Feedly later.

Still hoping Google will realize how much RoseRunner is annoyed by this decision and will retract it.

5) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

I should be embarrassed to share that the first time I bought the Swimsuit Issue was when I was a senior in high school.  2002.  I discovered Ana Beatriz Barros and for whatever reason couldn't help myself from wanting to stare at her in a bikini.  Part of me was lusting, and another part of me was staring at her, staring at myself in the mirror, and breeding some self-loathing for not having her puffy lips and bright eyes.

This is the one. 2002.

Since then, I have probably bought about 4 of the last 11 years' swimsuit issue.  Including 2013.

WHY? I don't know.  I enjoy looking at women in bathing suits.  Kate Upton's boobs? Yes, I will take a look please. 

I am also fascinated by the painted on bathing suits.  

Kate Upton with a PAINTED on tangle of necklaces
Even though these girls make me cringe every time they pose with their ass arched to the camera, coyly looking back over their shoulder, I still get a kick flipping through.  It appeals to the same part of me that can't help flipping through an US Weekly while waiting in line at the grocery store. 

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue: degrading and disgusting, or love it/can't look away?