Dead Giveaway

The most important thing about mother's day is that I tell the internet how LUCKY I AM, and hopefully the word gets back to my mom that I was writing about that to people she doesn't know on the internet.   AND here's a picture of me when I was realllllly cute at 3 years old, with my MOM.

Aw just kiddin.  This is me and my niece. 
(I adore and would do anything for my mom.  Except birth her a grandbaby. Maybe someday I'll figure out how to write her the blog post she deserves, because she is UNLIKE anyone you have ever met.  The good and the very good.  She is one fantastic spastic one of a kind.)

I taught my niece how to take a selfie.  We took a lot together.  I'll do anything to keep her attention, but she won't be a very good blogger because she got bored with selfies pretty quickly.

My mother's day weekend was a combination of terrible (my 1+ year health streak of not getting sick was tarnished by a miserable sore throat that turned into losing my voice, sleepless nights, coughing fits) and wonderful (BottleRock festival in Napa meant the vibe of my hometown was bubbling with excitement, and my sisters were all in town for the mothers day weekend.)

It got me all pumped for Outside Lands Festival.  Yeasayer!? Paul McCartney!? The lineup is impossible to turn down.

I got in my Gemma time over the weekend, and now so shall you.

Selfie # 2
Here's why its okay to allow children to eat cake.  Because she ate two spoon-licks of cake and was done.  I don't think she noticed any difference between this and her normal green beans.  I totally get it! I love my greens AND I love my cake! I am not satisfied with two bites though.

This is our family tradition, rum cake, from Napa's buttercream bakery, and it just kills me.  I love this stuff.  You would probably be appalled to know that I eat around the "cake" part.  I just eating the frosting, whipped cream, and rum filling.  It is a rare cake that will get me to eat the "cake" part.  Frosting all day everyday.

We also ate the best tacos.   Everyone knows moms love tacos.  It's not a stereotype if it's TRUE.  
Credit to Chef Manny!  I love when my sister and her boyfriend come up to visit from San Diego because it means we will be eating very well.  

She's always too spastic to get more than a blur.
She put this hat on, I'm pretty sure because she knows it made her cute. 
enough, enough of that!  No more taking credit for the cuteness of other human beings!  It's kind of rubbing off on me though, right? I'm cuter by association?

I have been feeling good enough to run (and feeling good while running) this past week despite this sore throat business, until this morning.  I wanted to revisit the 10x800m repeats on the treadmill (first try, I did 10 at a 2:59 split, with some longer breaks in between; second try, I did 10 at 2:58 pace with 0.25 mile break in between; this time I wanted 10 at 2:57 pace with 0.25 mile break in between.)

I made it to number 7; then needed some serious breaks in between.  I could tell it was because I was sick, not because the running was too fast.  I felt so HOT I just needed some freaking fresh air.

But I finished it up, 10 repeats at 2:57 pace, with long (4:00 min at least) jogging/walking breaks in between the last three.   (I estimated a 2:57 pace by running 10.2 mph mixed with 10.1 mph for each repeat.)

As an FYI, lately I've only been posting about the treadmill runs because those are the hard ones, and the noteworthy ones.  I've been running about 2x per week on the treadmill, and 3-4 times outside.  It's all about the outside of course, still.  I just run hellza slow and easy out there.

I finally got back to the See Jane Run giveaway post, sorry for the delay....

The winners ARE:

JILL, for her impeccable presentation and her remarkable talent in husbandry skills.

(comment: "I would love to win an entry to a SJR race. I'd probably go to Boise or Wichita.")

KATE, for her display of beauty and strength in the swimsuit portion.

(comment: "I set my half PR on this course last year after getting a free entry - hoping lightening strikes twice!")

RUNBIRDIERUN, for doing the best reenactment of Abraham Lincoln's Gettysburg Address.

Truthfully, I made the Gentleman pick 10 numbers between 1 and 79, and then picked the first three of those numbers that actually landed on someone who was entering the giveaway.  Email me at so we can get you race-registered!