My Date With David

Just me, or is the only thing going on up here lately spam.  Spaaaaammmm!  Khhhhhaaannn!

This is running blogging gone haywire.  Get ready. Here's whats going to happen: I'm going to talk very briefly about running, and then very long-windedly about my personal silly non-running life. 

Recap of last week in running: I felt pretty sick, not many runs went well, but I had fun running while stalking "for sale"/"open home" signs in Oakland/Berkeley.  The not so fun part was reading the listing prices on the brochures.  A 2 bed/1 bath at 1200 sq feet in desirable Oakland neighborhoods sells for the price of two Texas mansions.  Good thing law school made me extremely rich.  Sarcastic? yes.  We'll be rich when we are retiring, just in time for me to start dying.  Maybe I need to pull a Gatsby and start selling that still a hot market?

(See how I just name dropped two cool movies? That's Star Trek up there and the Great Gatsby.  I smell another movie review post in the future....)

Recap of this week in running: Decent lactate threshold tempo "wave" run on the treadmill, six miles alternating between half mile at 9.1 mph (6:35) and 9.8 mph (6:07).  Decent aerobic tempo wave run on the treadmill, one hour alternating full miles at 8.8 mph (6:48) and 9.5 mph (6:18).  (These workouts explained in this post.)  Again, not sure if I'm getting faster at running...but I've gotten faster at treadmills.  I still get the ole leg-lock when I do these treadmill runs.  It's very calf-knee focused.  For reasons related to not being able to take time off work (saving up for honeymoon time-off, and have had to miss work for stupid things like meeting caterers), I have not been able to meet with any docs lately.  Yup, still me, the idiot running through pain.  If "leg-lock" can be called pain.

I've mentioned before that we are house-hunting, wedding planning, and honeymoon planning, but what I probably didn't mention is that this means this year of the snake, 2013, will be one where I continue to fizzle out on my blog participation (I'm glad you didn't notice).  Running/blogging are two things I do in my spare time, and right now most of that precious spare time has been directed towards getting our shit together for our various grand events and adventures.  Not sure why it didn't occur to me that it would be very difficult and urgent to try to plan a wedding in less than four months when we finally chose a date a few weeks ago...

My thought process, I imagine, was that our wedding would be so casual and simple that it would not require any planning.  But then, one search for invites led to another search for wedding sashes led to a pinterest labyrinth of death, and I just got sucked into the damn thing.  Still will be the simplest wedding most of our guests have ever been to, but it turns out I WILL be wearing a white (ivory) dress.  Other traditional wedding elements have slowly been dripping into the planned day.

It turns out that no matter how hard I TRY NOT TO BE, I'm still just like every other girl.

For now, I'm going to invite you all into this sloppily planned journey to the wedding date/ house hunting/ vacation planning. If it turns out this is painfully boring to read, I will slip back to slapping up treadmill stats.  That's interesting stuff.  

Here, lets start with the thing that ruined me.

One text, from my mom: "appt next Saturday at 3:00 at David's Bridal."

Me: "ok. not buying anything though."

I was thinking: I know what I want.  I want a NON-WHITE dress.  Ideally, a soft sage color, maybe a pale lilac.  Something ethereal, light, easy to wear, $500 or less.  David's Bridal sounds trashy.  I'm so above DB.  But I'll go as a starting point to learn what kind of dress styles I like, to appease my mom, and to have fun.

Halfway through the appointment, I was still thinking white wedding dresses are sappy and that David was not going to be the man to dress me.

By the end of the appointment, I still did not purchase anything....but I think ultimately my dress will be from DB.  I tried on some beautiful dresses!  All the ones I liked were under $600.  That's freakin rad! After browsing the earth (i.e. scouring the internet at all available moments the week post-DB for other dresses since I was warned I needed to order a dress RIGHT NOW to have it tailored in time for the wedding), I really don't think I can find a comparable new dress in the $300-$600 price range.  Which I have arbitrarily decided is my price range.  I mean, it's cliche but true: you wear the thing ONCE.  Hard to justify a 1x wear at the $1000++ price range.

So in order of least favorite to favorite, here were my choices.  You can probably judge my feeling toward the dresses from my facial expression, which whoops, I did not know I was making at the time.  I only recall focusing on trying to teach my poor mom how to take a photo from my iphone.  (yup, just me and my mom.  I trust her opinion more than anyone else, even though she is a liar liar pants on fire who pretty much likes any clothes I put on.)

Number 10.

Two way tie between the losing dresses.

I felt like a child playing dress-up in the princess ball gown on the left.  It got seven "nos" and then one more "no".

The one on the right was on super sale so I gave it a quick go, but it felt like it was for a 15 year old.  I think that just means it reminded me of 1999.  It got six "I'll give you two dolla for this" and three "can I borrow your math homework, Chelsea?"

Number 9.

Ruching (what word am I looking for?) in the front is my least favorite look.  Lot's of purposeful unflattering wrinkles.  Ruching, and in kind, this dress, is not for me.  Although the back was pretty rad, now that I'm looking back at the photos.

I gave it five "no, I don't want no ruching" and one "heyyy, girl."

Number 8.

Another beautiful back, another ruching front.  Too bad I can't just walk backwards the whole day and greet people with a beautiful dress back-line.

Have you noticed that wedding dresses are ALL about the back? I guess its a good day to recognize the beauty of the rear view of a woman.  "Good sir, I present to you in the flesh for your infinite sexy time pleasure, this beautifully embellished backside.  You may now marry this backside."

This one got four "no-no-nos" and one "damn angel princess back, you fine!"

And may I mention, trying on dresses that are not the right size and then pretending they look good by "clipping" them, doesn't trick anybody.  It's no wonder my top two dresses were ones I was able to try on in close to my actual size.

Number 7.

Falling into the pattern of party in the back, boring as a blog post about protein powder on the front.  This one got three "pursed lips, closed eyes, nooo child" and three "this would be gorg if the back didn't remind me of clipping a family sized bag of Doritos chips."

Number 6.

My opinion on illusion necklines is...lose the illusion.  Real skin is so much prettier! And less like an ice-skater's uniform! Nevertheless, a beautiful dress. As you can see from my hand in the pictures I was playing with different sashes for it.  I felt it needed some pop.  Am I starting to sound like a D-list version of Tim Gunn? I'm not 100% for lace, but I like the look more than some other fabrics.  Like potato sack fabric, aluminum, shag rug.   

Five "this illusion isn't fooling anyone" and three "come this way to the gov'ners ball ma'am for some sweet tea."

Number 5. 

I did not appreciate the little sunflower embroidery that you can see if you look closely on the upper half of dress number five, but I like the shape.  I call it the "1940's bathing suit shape, with a flowy skirt coming out of it."

Two "finally something fits" and 81 "no sunflowers on my wedding dress plz."


Number 4.  

This one I picked out on my own to try on from the DB catalog in store.  I had initially been leaning towards a slinky, silky look.  I was surprised to find that it actually felt very heavy, not slinky and sexy, and made me feel twenty years older than I am.  Not the feel I was going for.  But I liked the general shape a lot.  Britney Spears taught me a lot in my fashion-development years about a low-waist line, and I still like that low-slung look.  A small smile starting to crack...?

Number 3.5

I ran out of numbers.  

Soft and pretty! The sash did not come with the dress.  Just a simple nice shape that I could totally deal with and have a happy time wearing.  But in the end, there were no sparks.  We were just meant to be platonic friends.  It's not you, it's me.

sixteen "I wanted it to be you so bad, but I just didn't feel that connection.  I'm so sorry."--every bachelor ever.

Number 3.

A dress I actually like.  The only problem is, it was so heavy.  I WILL be the bride who falls in the aisle in something like this.  And dancing is like, 73% of weddings, so I've got to consider the dance-ability factor.  

This one gets one "shame, shame, can't dance in this" and one "shazaam, I will untie all those naughty little bows."

I think this one was also over $1000.  At least it looks like it rightly should be. 

Number 2.

People always say things like, "the pictures don't do it justice."  Well, I don't want a dress that is beautiful in person, but looks boring or plain or ugly in pictures.  It's got to look good in pictures! That's all the proof you have that your dress is pretty at the end of the day.

Well....the pictures don't do this dress justice.  It was flattering, I loved the fit and feel.  But the detail that I loved was the light, ethereal fabric that had dotting throughout.  A very easy dress to wear. Unfortunately, you can't see this pretty detail unless you enter my aura zone. Nevertheless, this one is still in the running.  It was one of the least pricey of all!

If you haven't noticed yet -- I have sport bra chafe marks on my chest in most of these pictures.  Lately Sports Glide hasn't been making the cut for any runs that are fast, or that are over 13 miles.  The marks fade by the end of the day, but it isn't pretty for those first few hours. I guess this means no running the morning of my wedding...or buying better sport bras?

Number 1. 

Number one! Number one!  As is obvious from this whole countdown thing I put you through... 

It's more delicate and feminine than I think is suitable for me...but it was light, comfortable, flattering, and I'm a fan of all the shapes.  The shoulder line, the sweetheart line, the back keyhole cute, the simple straight draping.  There were also many various sash options to be played with.  The sash on the left photo comes with the dress; the one on the right would be an extra purchase.

My only wish is that I could get this dress in a slightly off-color.  More of a champagne, or blush, or pastel of any sort. 

Sooooo, now I've surely set myself squarely up for someone to tell me this was the most self-absorbed, annoying post they've ever read.  I basically just put on a modeling show for you, instead of crying about tornadoes and machetes.  To that I say FUCK.  Listen, this week and next week my life is getting this event pinned down.  It's consuming about 40% of my brainspace right now, which is way too much.  I know you've all gone through this process, or likely will in the future, and if you are in the latter category, now you know that David's Bridal is a totally acceptable place to start and end your wedding attire hunt. I feel bad that I started off thinking it was "trashy." More like genius, convenient, thank you for existing.  Additionally, now, you can give me your advice.  I'd love to hear your dress recommendation! Did I rule out a stunner? Alternate dress website/ physical store recommendations?  I do still have a few lustings for expensive dresses at that I am trying to banish.  Also open to advice for a photographer.  A hair/makeup person.  A tailor.  A ring. with wood in it.  Shoes.  Sexy sexy underthings.  This is a good place to stop.