Die Bug

The title is not german for "the bug."  It is all english.  Die, bug.

The past week has been full of running and running friends!

Kicked off last weekend with an engagement party for one brunette running friend, celebrated by 4 brunette running friends.

Aron, Jessica, yours truly, Jojo.  Just four girls and we're havin a good time, havin a good time
Tuesday I aimed for a 6-mile tempo, but it turned into a 3x2 mile tempo because I stopped after mile 2 and mile 4 for about 30 seconds to stretch out my locked calf/knee.  6:26; 6:28; 6:35; 6:37; 6:37; 6:29.  Good job, I still can't run 3 miles hard without something hurting.

Wednesday: get lunch with cute runner friend.  This was a splendid way to interrupt a day at the desk.

Thursday I was creative and made up a track workout.  I would be such a brilliant coach, slap together different track distance repeats at random.  The workout: 1600-800-400-400-400-400-800-1600.  1/2 lap to a full lap jog recovery in between.

My general goal was under 6:10 for the 1600s, under 3:00 for the 800s, under 1:24 for the 400s.  I STILL SUCK AT 400s.  Gah.  And unlike what I said in my last post about sucking and not caring, during this run I cared.  Frustration for everybody! 400s, you used to be my friend!


1600: 6:03
800: 2:53
400's: 1:24, 1:24, 1:25, 1:27 (what the douche?!) (ok looks like laps 1, 2, and 4 were 0.26 miles instead of 0.25 because I am not a skilled lap-button presser.  Minus one second each, deal, not as frustrated.)
800: 2:56
1600: 6:01.

Shorter repeats like this are great for me because I can get in some speed without it aggravating my leg-lock.  Anything over a mile of speed is still not cooperating with my body.

This run met a really rude finale.  While jogging home from the track in a slow trance, an insect latched onto my leg near the upper inner calf area where the calf meets my knee, and mid-stride, stung me with it's disgusting terrible poison.  It was sharp and in a startle I swatted it before getting a good look at the sucker, but I saw that it was huge and mostly black (no yellow).  Hornet? Wasp? Pouncing spider? Scorpion? Sword bearing monster ant?

I had a mile left to jog home while my leg started numbing, tingling, stinging, and generally spazzing out.

The leg continued to swell over the next 24 hours and it feels now (2 days later) like someone punched my calf muscle and karate chopped my inner knee.  and then sprinkled the itchiest hottest sauce ever on it.  Running has not been particularly comfortable with the swollen itchfest, but I'm surviving.

You know how babies have cute chubby legs and there is no knee to be found, just a marshmallow leg with some dimples where the knee should be? That's how my leg looks.

I hate bugs so much.  I will kill them all.  No one gets spared, no glass jars in my house for kind bug survival support, diiieeee alll of you die.

Friday: Meet with Flight of the Conchords and Dave Chappelle for a comedy fest at the Shoreline Amphitheater.

While I was creeping along in my car for over an hour to move one mile to park at the amphitheater, I was  staring at the crowds of bodies flooding into the theater (it has a capacity of 22,500 people). I kept thinking about the Boston marathon, and how there are TWICE that many people, which made my brain hurt.  This is incredibly nerve-wracking to me.  45,000 PEOPLE!? how can that be managed? how will I get anywhere? How? do? I survive that many people? I'm scared.  I know this will be an unforgettable experience but I already want to crawl under the comfort of a 3,000 person race.

The comedy show was wonderful.  The benadryl I was popping to prevent the swelling and itching on my leg caused me to sleep through Flight of the Conchords' set, which reminds me that FUCK YOU INSECT.

Saturday: Met with some of the bay area's finest runners (and Page, a part-time bay area pal) for a trail run in Walnut Creek at a time that mine eyes haveth never seen on a Saturday morning (8:00 a.m.).

Those clouds weren't bluffing; it started pouring for the last 3 miles of the run
After a long hard weekend run (and I consider 15 trail miles a long hard run), I am usually wiped, in a good way, and somewhat useless for the rest of the day.  Today, I felt peppy all day, and I suspect that the reason is because....I carried water during the run.  I hydrated very well.  Maybe water fountain stops aren't enough and I should always be carrying water on long runs?

Total miles for the week so far through Saturday = 70.  I'll likely run 14-20 tomorrow for a solid 85 for the week.  Obviously I have now cursed myself and will probably run 0 miles tomorrow.

Total miles of the week in which I was cursing a very specific insect and hoping for bad omens and terrible futures for all of that insect's family and friends = 30.