luna de miel

Oh right, blogging!

Let me spit some material out because I'm about to ditch the internet for a pritttttty long time to jet off on a honeymoon to Peru.  (I'll probably post amazing braggy pictures on Facebook and Twitter, so not a complete ditch.)

Honeymoon.  It now appears as though my honeymoon "recap" will be up before our wedding "recap" because our photographer is holding our photos hostage.

Seriously, help? Our photographer was Tom Tomkinson.  He was lovely in person.  Our contract said we would get our photos in 4-6 weeks.  It will be 10 weeks this next weekend.  At the 6 week mark, I said, "dude?"  And he replied "soooo busy, sooo sorry, just a few more weeks."  At the 8 week mark, I said "DUDE?" and left a voicemail with "BRO!?"

He hasn't replied.  That was 10 days ago.  He possibly fled the country with our photos after realizing how valuable they are.  This face is worth millions.

Mr. Tomkinson lives in Berkeley, and the world is small, so if any of y'all know the fellow please kick him in the butt for me and tell him we want our photos.  Or if anyone knows that he is a scammer, that would be valuable to hear so I can start stalking his home.  It would be really nice to wrap that expensive part of our wedding up before we leave the country for a long period of time.

Speaking of photographs.  We gained ownership of a "nice" camera, which means you finally can look at beautiful food on my blog! That's why you read blogs right? Supply and demand.  I assume everybody is obsessed with looking at photos of food since those blogs are the ones that make $$$.

Please gaze longingly at the glistening kielbasa, the al dente lemon pepper pasta, the sticky remote, the weathered couch.

The guy I live with made chicken pot pie from scratch and he was excited about making it.  Who does that?  You want the recipe? I warn it is real-people food.  Butter and white flour.  If you can handle that, message me.

Okay now let's backpedal a second and discuss the honeymoon some more.

We will be exploring Lima, Iquitos (amazon), Puno (Lake Titicaca), Cusco, Machu Picchu, my mind cannot contain the excitement.  Rain or shine, we are spending more than half of our nights in a tent or hut.  This is no spa retreat honeymoon.  I'm practicing my mosquito fighting skills for the amazon and asking my lung capacity to expand in preparation for the high elevation.

Besides all this gloating, it is important for me to share that I will be taking a much needed break from running during this long vacation.  I'm specifically being vague as to the start and end date of our trip so you don't break into my apartment and steal our valuables, which consists of laundry and ikea furniture.

It will be a long break from running.  Probably the longest break I have taken since I started running regularly at age 17. I know it is crazy I have never taken more than 2-ish weeks off running, but I've never had a serious running injury that forced me to completely stop running for very long.

Or maybe I do have a serious injury?  I have continued to meet with a doctor for ART and evaluation of my leg-locked left leg (the "LLLL") over the past few weeks, and then I stopped.  I kept getting different stories each visit (your fast-twitch fibers aren't working.  Your pelvis is in the wrong place.  You need to foam roll a lot.  Do plyometrics.  Balance more.)  But these quick 20 minute appointments left a lot to be learned.  Like -- WHAT THE **** IS CAUSING MY LEG TO LOCK UP WHEN I TRY TO RUN FAST?

I need answers.  I wasn't getting any.  I was getting some release, in the form of intense pain during the ART, and some general chatter about all the fascia and tightness in my leg.  But those are the result of something wrong not the thing that is wrong itself. The tightness comes right back the second I try to run.  Something bigger is wrong.  Like my pelvis is out of place.  Like my leg permanently adapted around some long neglected injury.  Are either of those a thing? How do you fix it?

Long story short: I'm taking a long-ass break from running, and upon my return, I will scope out a new physical therapy situation.

Looking to the future--I will be returning from the honeymoon looking square into the eyes of a half-marathon that I am signed up for, and CIM.  I will very likely run neither.  I am sad to say I just don't see a month+ long taper being the way to run CIM.  Maybe I'll run 20 miles for the atmosphere and then drop out and cheer everyone else on.


I ran the Livermore Grape Stomp half-marathon 2 weekends ago.  I jumped in because I had a coupon for placing in a different race last year, and this was the only race I could use it on before it expired.

I took it easy enough since I showed up with just a pinch of motivation. It was the right race to run "for fun" because ummm.....everybody (at least near the front of the group) got lost.  Multiple times.

The race was severely lacking in vital volunteers.  There were a number of forks in the road without volunteers, and the lead runners kept picking the wrong way.  Whoops, turn around.  The race directors did try to notify which fork to take by putting up cones and arrows, but still it was confusing as hell.  There was one cone that said "Stay Left!", but what it SHOULD have said was, "Sharp hairpin turn around this cone!"  Those are very different.

I ended up running over 13.5 miles (in 1:32:27) because of the unknown course, and according to the race website results placed first for women.  That is just as confusing as everything else about the race since I swear I saw another woman ahead of me.  Regardless, I won ANOTHER coupon, so I will probably be racing this one next year.

I wasn't running late for once, so I slowly picked up my bib and schwag before the start
I warmed up for about a mile by running back and forth between the finish line and the "13 mile" mark, and consistently the distance between the two one-way was 0.22 miles.  I'll never understand why so many races don't set up the last 0.1 miles as, ya know, 0.1 miles.

Umm....GUYS.  WHY is there a confederate flag behind me???  
Finish line.  Bizarre race.  That photo can officially never be used again.

(p.s. can somebody tell me when the flowers disappeared from my blog? I somehow failed to notice them disappear, but that grandma wallpaper is gone.  Gone I say! I'll pay anyone in race coupons for you to help make my blog look pretty, flowers or otherwise.)