(This is a pre-written post but it is not filler because boobs are important, guyssss)

Running with boobs.  A lot of us do it.

It requires one extra piece of gear, and these days if you are doing it "right", that extra piece of gear is $50 or more.  That's practically a pair of running shoes.  Or one running shoe.

My boobs have been fine settling for Champion brand seamless reversible spandex bras that I typically buy in a 2-pack at Costco for $20, making them $10 each.  I wear one for a run, then I throw it in the hamper.  Move on to the next bra.

Since I run almost every day (occasionally but rarely twice/day), and I don't have a laundry machine....this means I go through 12-16 sport bras in between visiting the laundromat.

This means I need 12-16 sport bras.

This means I only buy cheap sport bras.

Cheap sport bras means I have a chafing problem.

A few weeks ago I sat down at the See Jane Run store and listened to a representative from Moving Comfort "educate" me about sports bras. She was pitching her product, so can't say for sure whether I was being educated about sports bras, or educated about her specific brand.

The specific reason I went is because I have been wanting to deal with this chafing problem for several years now.  For several years, if I went on a long run on Saturday or Sunday (which was/is the case more than 50% of the time), I had to actively wear something not low cut afterwards, or deal with having a scary looking chest.

2012 -- look closely and AHA - a ring of evidence on my mid chest that I ran long that morning

In the month leading up to our wedding this past August, I had "get a really nice sports bra" on my list of things to-do.  My dress was lower-cut and I wanted a plan to avoid any chafing lines. I had read other bloggers rave about the Moving Comfort bras and I intended to pick one up.

Since I'm a real go-getter kind of girl, I never made it to a running store to buy the new sports bra before the wedding.  And I had chafe lines to compliment the wedding dress.  (What actually happened was I got a spray-tan to tame my running tan lines, then ran twice in between the spray tan and the wedding, and my sports bra rubbed away the fake tanner, leaving something that looked similar to a chafe line.)

Back to the Moving Comfort sales pitch -- before the full hour of hearing about how to take care of "the girls" (NO. nono.  Do not call your boobs "girls."  I almost boycotted Moving Comfort forever just because this annoyed me so hard) I already knew that I wanted to buy one. I didn't show up for the sales pitch; I showed up to buy one. I'm an instant decision maker.  I don't care to investigate details before making a choice; I saw the bras, I'd heard the reviews.  More than anything the hour pitch disinclined me (see: "the girls," -- and the pitch focused on serious technology for large boob support, something I don't have to worry about until I get my Courtney Stodden implants).

I'm on the smaller side (32C) and wanted to stay in my comfort zone of simple seamless bras. My friend Karina at See Jane Run (she leaves Thursday so this statement is still currently true!) recommended the Rebound Racer Sport.  She knew avoiding chafing was my number one goal, and said a friend wore this for a trail 50k without a single chafe.

The straps have velcro adjustment, and there is a clasp in the back with 4 adjustment levels.

View of the back clasps and the velcro straps

The most mind blowing epiphany moment of this new-sports-bra endeavor was when I told the sales rep that I would never be able to convert to Moving Comfort because I need 16 sports bras, and hers are too expensive to buy in bulk.

She told me to wear the bra several times before throwing it in the hamper.


This had never occurred to me.  When I run -- even if I barely break a sweat -- I throw it ALL in the hamper.  The only time I break this rule is for shorts, because I only have about 4 pairs I really like, and I wear underwear with them. Everything else is not touched again until it smells like cotton breeze or lavender fields.

I bought the Rebound Racer (see picture above) which was $49.99, I received no discount from Moving Comfort, but I do get a medium sized discount from the See Jane Run store (phew. I honestly don't think I can ever mentally handle a $50 sports bra.)

The first thing I did with the bra was run in it 4 times before washing it.

Not washing it was....not so bad! It never smelled, and it was quick to dry when I hung it on a doorknob.  Above all, I have not yet chafed in it.  I wore it to a half-marathon, and some longer runs -- no chafing.

(But, you can see in the photo of me above, I still chafed a little bit from my t-shirt lining.  Can't win 'em all.)

The rebound racer is more difficult to get into than my normal sports bras. And I have noticed a little disturbance to my back where the bra clasp is, when I hit around 10 miles.  Not full-out chafing, but some redness from the rubbing.

So what's your boob story? Are you loyal to one brand? Do you invest in good sports bras? Do you wash yours after every wear?  Do you chafe?  Are you a man and completely bored by this unless there are more pictures of boobs?